Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Begins, and a Day With the K-Man

Summer begins officially today, on average the longest daylight day of the year....from here on out the daylight hours will begin to get shorter, until we begin the Winter season, some six months hence.  It will feel like it as well....95 or so today, with some humidity to match....perhaps a bit of a breeze, but that wind will just make if feel like a forced furnace air duct.  Lucky for me, the game I was supposed to work at Parkway tonight, was moved as part of a reciprocal deal with St. Henry, and I am off....the rest of the week will be pretty quiet, game wise.   I will be at Parkway tomorrow against Celina.  I worked the plate last when they met earlier this Summer, when the two teams met at Montgomery Field.  Off Friday and Saturday, and Sunday, Hal, Andy, and his two boys will met in Cincinnati, as the Reds take on the Twins.  The Reds, after suffering two straight loses by one run to the Cleveland Indians, still hold a 2 and one half game lead over Pittsburgh, and are up 4 1/2 over defending World Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.

A Day With the K-Man____

With the day off from baseball, I will head to Centerville with Patricia, and spend the day watching the Grandson, Kasyn.  We will arrive about 12:30...and spend the afternoon with "K-Man" who is will turn 7 months old on Sunday.  Crawling and rolling, and still in the top 5% size wise, time sure does fly by....hardly seems like 7 months have passed since his birth on Thanksgiving evening of last fall.

One thing for or sitting with Kasyn, it is going to be hot, and seem like Summer's beginning for sure....I don't envy Sam, as he has a double header at Elida, beginning at 4pm, the zenith of the day's heat and humidity.

Meanwhile, I'll be in the A/C down in Centerville....

back later>>>>

Photos-Summer officially arrives today, Patricia and I will drive the 90 miles south and spend it with Grandson Kasyn, and the sparse collection of Sunflowers in this off year for my "green thumb" are slowly coming out in the back yard.

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