Friday, June 15, 2012

The Week That Was....Water, Baseball, Graduation, Yard Work, and Waiting

The drying is about complete from last Sunday's mini disaster and  faucet busted flood waters that cascaded through the kitchen, and parts of the ancient wood floors in the living area, as well as the basement and adjoining crawl space, which sets under the soaked kitchen floor.   The leak sprung when we were in Columbus watching oldest son Sam graduated from Ohio State University.  Whether we can save the entire TV room floor is still up in the air....or under the water.  I suspect it will be saved, "it" being that 12 x 10 foot area that received the soaking over the hours we were in Columbus....but it appears that repairs, such as sanding, and a new coat and sealant will be need on the 90 year old hardwood...hopefully that will take care of that.  After spending nearly 3 years(2004-06) planning, paying for, and finally having completed the process of getting 80+ years of glue and grime off the pine wood, we certainly don't relish the prospect of a "do over" on those.

As for the kitchen area...a complete "re do" is in order...coupled with the insurance money and a home improvement line-of-credit, the old kitchen will look markedly different than the old....just how different depends on what Patricia wants, and how much the final costs will entail...but major changes, hopefully the last in this lifetime, will be done to the cooking, cabinet, and dining area.  Among the changes will probably be a new set of Bay Windows overlooking the back yard....the current ones, even with "new" windows,  some 20 years old, in the living area and upstairs, the main kitchen windows, with the view, appear to be from the World War II time, when the kitchen, extra half bath and hall/mud room were added on to the now 90 year old parsonage.

Otherwise, in addition to the pain in the backside, waiting on the drying to be completed, and the repairs/construction to and yard work/painting are on the agenda.  This week is and has been my busiest week of the season, in both spring and summer.  by tomorrow afternoon, I will have completed 9 games, including 6 games via double headers since Monday....with at least 4, probably 5, behind the plate...fortunately the weather has been good and sunny, but with moderate temperatures, and low it will be warmer, and tomorrow, down right hot, with temps back in the low 90s by the completion of Sam and my doubles, which begin at 11am on the artificial turf at Celina's Montgomery Field.

Yesterday I got started on the yard work and prelude to the garage and touch up painting on the outside of the main house.  I just painted the house three summer's ago, or was it two?  Anyway the 90 year old wood, baked by the sun and drenched by the rains, wind, and snow, does a job on the 10 year paints that Menard's and Lowe's supplies... they actually last about 5 good years.  The back and east garage area need painting, while the parts of the house and garage where I removed the excess vines from yesterday, will need touched up.  With 3 months of good weather or at least hot weather left....I have plenty of time to get it done.

I found out yesterday, just how far my stamina and overall health have taken a beating since the Carotid surgery in 3 hours of tearing out vines and climbing ladders, I had to take two long breaks....something that a year ago, I would have done in one felt swoop.   Sadly I am now feeling my 63 years, and I don't like it one damn bit.  By the time Sam and I finished the twin bill on Celina's rubber infield turf last night....I was bushed....and only managed to down three beers, albeit dark Guinness Extra Stout, when I got home.  Patricia was in bed, when we pulled in the driveway at 10, and after a shower, we watched the end of the NBA Championships, which I seldom do{frankly I despise NBA Basketball}, and finally hit the sack about Midnight.  Tonight at Crestview, while Sam does another double in Versailles....and then together in Celina for games 3 and 4 of another "round robin" tournament, as the Bulldogs, Coldwater, Lima Shawnee, and I believe Wapak battle each other.....

back later>>>>if I survive the noise, the heat, and the baseball weekend.

Photos-Not my best trimming job, not by a long shot, but I got it done, and the vines are now back to where I want them for another year or two...some paint touch up on the front, and a large touch up on the garage are on the agenda as the days and weeks progress...I will take it one step at a time.  (2) The view from our Kitchen Window into the back year...this 1940s style window will be gone and be replaced, after the kitchen floor is removed and a new one installed....or as it is installed.  The drying out continues, but I suspect this will be the final day of that....70% of the floor, the wet area, in the kitchen has been removed....the hard wood floors are still in the "wait and see" mode of the operation.

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