Thursday, June 28, 2012

103 today and the Grass is Gassed....

The breeze I felt in the backyard a few minutes ago, belies what is heading out way as we approach the final days of June.  The Weather Channel had predicted 103 for a high today...a few minutes ago, they downgraded that to 100...still on course to set a record for June in this neck of the woods.

The wind had kicked up as I was out watering the pans and birdbath for the various animals that fly into or climb down trees in our backyard and feeding station...many, including the new members of the local Squirrel population are out in force...feeding while the few minutes of cooler weather remain...those minutes are slated to give way quickly to the record heat and dry conditions...I guess the only redeming value is, very low humidity, the ground is parched like the New Mexico high plains, and there is no humid conditions to make the hot temperatures that much more unbearable.

This will likely be the hottest of the hot days in the 10 day forecast...and they(TWC) have even thrown a few days of 30% chances of storms at us....although I am hardly counting on that.  The first days of the upcoming Summer ACME baseball tournaments are going to be a challenge to say the least, because it doesn't look like any cooling  off is in sight. 

Speaking of Baseball___

I headed off to Convoy yesterday afternoon as the hometown Crestview Knights took on Parkway's Panthers....Parkway had a string of bad luck over the past few days and were shorthanded for players....seems two players had broken ankles, and another, the starting QB on the fall football team, had received a high ankle sprain...Ouch!  So shorthanded by any stretch{2 of the injuries had happened at basketball camp, only one on the baseball diamond}, Parkway lost 11-1 in a six inning run rule shortened game.  I was behind the plate and despite the game moving along and ending in about 90 minutes, I received my own injury...or should I say, another injury?

In the bottom of the first the Parkway starter threw a pitch, a hard fastball, that it just in front of the plate, and when it jumped the catchers glove it caught me square in the left forearm, just above the wrist...guess that is better than another hit in the windpipe, like last week at Celina...but it still caught me good, and by the 2nd inning my left arm, just above the wrist, looked like I was carrying a grapefruit on it.  I finally gave in, as the swelling continued into the 3rd inning, and got an ice pack, which I applied between innings...I wore it on the way home for 40 minutes, but this morning, it is still tender and swollen.  Not as bad as last night, but still twice the size of my right forearm and wrist.

Tonight Sam and I will work together, back up north at Kalida...hopefully with the 6:30 scheduled start, the triple digit heat will have worked it's way down a notch.

"Obama Scare" Meets the Supreme Court____

Sometime after I post this blog, the dastardly act of cowardice and bullshit, known as the Obama Health Care Plan will have it faith known at the hands of the US Supreme Court.  The illegal Kenyan CSer, and his toadies railroaded this piece of crap through Congress in his first two years, and now the court will let it be known if it will stand...much like weather forecasts, I don't have much confidence in the court system to do the right will go a long way to proving or disproving that  opinion of mine.

Personally, I think we will get a mixed message on "Obammy Care", much like the Arizona Immigration law....the court, if nothing else, proves they really don't like to piss off the media or liberals...of courst with 4 of them solid Marxists, you know which way those votes will go...Judge Kennedy, as always, is the Wild Card, and how he votes, will likely decide if we will see an end to this mess...because if it's overturned, The Kenyan, regardless if he steals the next election, won't hvae the votes in Congress to push another package through.

Stay Tuned!

Update on Obama Scare_____2:45pm

Chief Justice John Roberts has sided with the 4 far left judges and voted to keep Obammy Care legal....and declares it a "Tax".....while this looks like a win for the Kenyan and Company....don't count the chickens:

back later>>>>

Photos-(1)The Red Sunrise foretells the type of day we are in for...(2) The back yard grass, so green just a couple of weeks ago, is turning to dust...the heat and lack of rain, has made it dorment(3) My left wrist, after taking a shot last night, is twice it's size for the second time this baseball seasson...the old injuries continue to pile up...(4)And the Supreme Court with decide the Dictator's Mandated Health Care fisasco this very day.


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