Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wisconsin another Election and "As the Weather Turns"

Walking out back this morning, I have to say was refreshing....after the too hot, too early, mid to upper 90s over Memorial Day, we froze at the end of last week....the past 3 days have been solid.  Sunshine, a good breeze, and temperatures reaching the low 70s during the daytime.   Patricia washed the house windows yesterday and with those open, the breeze is making the house a comfortable place, without the aid of the central A/C.

Working the game at Crestview last night was pleasant enough....and hopefully the conditions at Lima Central Catholic, will be likewise for tonight's ACME opener for the Thunderbirds, just off their hard luck state championship 1-0 lost to Wheelersburg on Saturday.  A full week of baseball awaits....then Sunday we head for Columbus where oldest son Sam will become the latest in  Houseworth College Grads, when he takes his diploma in Actuarial Science, from The Ohio State University....

This morning, I snapped some photos in the back yard, and then checked on my newly planted Sunflower Seeds....despite a few coming up on the original planting...this spring was not so good...hopefully this last chance replant will work.  I'm used to having 30 or so Giant Sunflowers to go with dozens of other varieties...but this year, unless the second chance works out....I will be sadly short of those numbers....the next week or so should tell the tale.

Recall in Wisconsin____

Having lived in Wisconsin for several years, my wife being from southeast Wisconsin, and daughter Anissa being born in Wausau back in 1979, I always stay interested in the comings and goings of the Cheeseheads....after all, most of Patricia's relatives, including parents, still live there, and we get back a couple of times per year for visits.

Even when living there I could never understand the political leanings of the state.  The birthplace of "Progressives"...a state that is 90% white, probably 75% Lutheran, and they vote like drunken ghetto baggers from East L.A.   Go Figure?

Now the wife's side is almost all somewhat Conservative and Republican...but for some reason, the upper reaches of Wisconsin, like Wausau, along with the rabid Marxists professors and students at UW Madison, along with the urban trash in Milwaukee, vote for the tax and spenders.   On occasion those do get outvoted by the conservatives with a brain...when those folks get sick spending money that they don't have....on lazy no counts, welfare moms, and interloping move ins from Illinois.  Two years ago, joining a short list of GOP Wisconsin Governors over the past generation, including Tommy Thompson and Lee Dreyfus, Scott Walker came to power with a promise to cut spending and curb the public union thugs and Communist led Teachers Unions...he did just that.  And the Democrats and union trash went berserk...trashing the capitol in Madison, as the leftist members of the Wisconsin house left town in protest...Walker had a problem on his hands, but he came out on top.... at least for a short while.

Now it all comes down to this....Tuesday, June 5th, a state primary, and one item on the ballot is the recall election of Scott Walker.  The out of town unions, media, and dim witted Democrats have spent time and money into removing Walker....and today is their chance.  However,  it appears that it will fail...even Obammy the Wonder Kenyan is staying away from the state, and the union thug bosses have all but given up hope....

So tonight we will find out...just who has the will and the power in Cheeseland...The working citizens, or the public union cancer, and the out of state money? 

Good Luck Scott Walker and good luck Wisconsin Taxpayers      back later>>>>

Photos-This years backyard Sunflower crop is a far cry from years past, including those pictured from 2011....there is time to turn it around, and hopefully with enough sun and some rains, the newly planted seeds will push the flowers towards the finish line.  Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, his recall election is on the line today, hopefully by tonight, if the polls are correct, he will remain in Madison...and spit in the eyes of the union bosses and thugs.  Former Gov the late Lee Dreyfus, rode around the state  in a bus, in the late 1970s, in his shoe string bid to win the state house...I interviewed him face to face on several occasions, and remember him as an open and honest politician, which is rare, regardless of political party.

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