Monday, June 4, 2012

Back to Baseball, More Upstate NY Photos.....

After the record high temperatures over the Memorial Day Weekend, this weekend ranged from downright cold and clammy on Friday night, when Sam and I worked the 8pm start at Kalida, Ohio, and their historic ball park, St. Matthews...Saturday afternoon for a double header, at Lima Shawnee was sunny by breezy until some rains came after we finished up at 5pm....yesterday more seasonal conditions were on hand for West Central Ohio...and more summer-like conditions are headed this way.  We got some rain, which was well needed, but are still well short of what we need, and no end to the drought is in sight.

I worked 3 games, one at Kalida and the double at Shawnee, while Sam picked up those three plus a double header yesterday at Versailles, on his way back to Columbus, where he will finish up his final week at The Ohio State University this week....he will graduate this Sunday with a BS in Actuarial Science.  No job offers just yet, but several interviews,  and not too many Actuaries go without an offer, and despite him working his way through OSU with the athletic department and the Big Ten Network, he still managed to pull in a 3.0+ GPA and finish up in 4 years...Math always being Sam's strong point, he maneuvered though Ohio State without too many problems....being in his late 20s and now 30 years old helped, I can attest to the fact that older students can actually have it better, less distractions for sure.

A full week of baseball is on hand for me this week....tonight at Crestview, then that will be followed by games at LCC, another Crestview date on Wednesday, here in Celina on Thursday and a double header Saturday, wrapped around a Friday night JV/ACME double at Coldwater...June is going to be a busy month, baseball wise.

Speaking of LCC and baseball....the local teams in the OHSAA Finals went one up and two down...all in one run decisions.  Lima Central Catholic lost a heartbreaker 1-0 to Wheelersburg, on a missed call by the home plate umpire in the 7th...the out call, as it appeared on video, was pretty bad.  Meanwhile young Wapakoneta, with no Seniors, lost 3-2 to defending D2 title holder Columbus DeSales...on the other hand Minster's Wildcats defended their small school D4 title, despite blowing a 4-0 7th inning lead....the winning run was scored in the bottom half of the inning in Minster's 5-4 win, clinching it's second straight state crown.

More Upstate New York......

Despite only 36 hours on Wellesley Island...we packed plenty of food, photo taking, and activity, into those hours....the weather was great, the food and restaurants outstanding....and the photos, by Patricia and me, came out pretty least in my opinion:

For information on and the history of Boldt Castle and Yacht House go here:

The top photo is another view from Michael and Kelly's apartment of the marina that sits just off the 100 year old restaurant and of George Boldt's boats, "Time Out" that sits restored in the Boldt Yacht Club...and interior view of the historic Boldt Castle....and a view from the Castle on Heart Island...the castle, was left sitting, still in construction in 1904 when George Boldt's wife died at the age of 41....the State Authority has been working on restoring it since the mid 1980s....and it is well on the way to completion  At the top of today's blog, the historic St. Matthews Field in Kalida, Ohio....built the year of my birth, 1949.......Sam and I umpired under the lights on Friday night...with wind and 48 degrees, good old fashion baseball a classic setting.

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