Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Remembering D Day+68 years....A Walk in the Back Yard

Yesterday was cooler that predicted, mostly cloudy, and with a bit of rain, it never rose above the mid 60s, temperature wise....

All in all it was pretty pleasant...mowed mom's yard, killed of some Poison Ivy, without{hopefully} getting any more on the last of the stuff still on my body dries up.  Here is a hint, if you come up with a case of the weed itch, if you would rather not take a shot, or suffer from it, invest the $35 or so in Zanfel....used correctly it takes care of the itch in short order.

Off to Lima Central Catholic where they, off the 1-0 loss in the Division 3 high school state title game on Saturday, were back in action with Summer ACME ball, they had little trouble with a very young Kalida team, winning 14-3 in a run rule 4 1/2 inning game....I was home by 9pm and was delighted with the election results out of Wisconsin, where Governor Scott Walker easily survived a Marxist public union led recall by Democrats.  It appears that even the left leaning Cheeseheads are sick of outsiders interfering in their politics....good for them!

Walking in the Back Yard____

With the pleasant weather we are having, at least another day today, with temperatures reaching the mid 70s but no higher...the June Flowers are coming out, hopefully the late summer variety, as mentioned yesterday will follow, despite the early heat of Spring and lack of rain....I snapped some photos after feeding the backyard birds and squirrels.

D-Day plus 68 years____

American troops landed on the Normandy Beaches 68 years ago today....and for all general purposes ended the Nazi hopes of victory in World War II...despite our rescue of western Europe, sadly they have become what they feared....a craphole, take France for example, ruled by incompetence, political correctness, and infested by Islamic hordes, as dangerous, if not more so than the follows of Hitler.  But regardless Americans should step back and remember and honor those men who fought and left their blood on the sands of coast that day several generations ago.

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Photos-"Ike" with the troops on June 6, of the back yard blooms this morning on my back yard walk....and the full Moon on Monday night through my upstairs bedroom window.

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