Friday, June 22, 2012

Music is back, and the Rain misses again....

Click the "PRH Playlist"  on the right side top, and you can get your fill of some "Good Ol' Rock and Roll"....the Juke Box is gone, but I am slowly putting a music list back together....although it takes a little work, unlike the automatic link that was here before....I'll keep working on that and see what comes about....

Yesterday the Radar showed storm approaching as I headed to Rockford for a Varsity ACME game between host Parkway and visiting Celina, Sam meanwhile had the same two team's Junior ACME game here in Celina...he got his done, I finally killed off our game in the 3rd inning after a couple of lightning delays...Celina up 4-0 at the time.

The much need rain however mostly died before it got to the area....north and west had plenty, but Celina got just enough to wet the walks and roads, while Rockford got a bit more...but not enough to rain the games out, the lightning and thunder were the culprits instead....we could have used the rain, but for the most part it was not to be.

A Break in the Action____

With the rain, came the end of a long run of baseball without too many I will be off the diamond until next Tuesday the 25th...that will begin a couple of busy weeks, highlighted by ACME and Junior ACME Tournament action.  At this time my season is scheduled to end on July 14th or so, but I am guessing I will pick up a few more games....then a break of sorts until August 7th when football comes calling, with the first of several Varsity Scrimmages, before the regular season "kicks off" the end of that month.

This weekend, Hal, me, buddy Andy from our Radio Days, and his two sons, will meet up Sunday for the final game of the Interleague Baseball Season, as the Reds host the Minnesota Twins.....Sam, meanwhile, still interviewing and waiting on a job offer, will take a few days off from umpire work as well, as he heads to Michigan today for some softball this weekend, he resumes action on Monday.

That about does it for today...enjoy the weekend.

back later>>>>

Photos-Top CCR performs some of the music on the new play list....and baseball umpire work is quiet for a few days...

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Law and Order Teacher said...

I posted a great video on my blog that I thought you might like. I've been out of action a while. I kind of got burned out on all the BS on-line. I'm going to start again. Check the video. It's really touching.