Thursday, June 14, 2012

Droning On....The Construction Zone

The noise continues on in the PRH homestead....although two of the giant wind turbine dehumidifiers have shut down...a few power surges here, a few there, have them, as well as the kitchen lights, and even the computer or Internet blipping, creaking, squeaking, and shutting down and coming back on....little did I know when I returned home Sunday night to the "Flood", that this is the route we would take.

I'm not complaining mind you...the weather outside has been dry and pleasant, although that will change for the weekend, and we will have to close the windows and crank up the A/C...hopefully not putting additional stress on the in house power grid....time will tell.

Meanwhile I escape the house with baseball, a double header at LCC last night, another double with the recently graduated from Ohio State, Sam, here in Celina....he will be home for a few days, working games.  I told him..."Have Fun, make you room your home for the few days, or the Library, because the noise is something else".  Meanwhile at this hour he is interviewing for a second time with an insurance company in Columbus for an Actuarial opening.  We know he really would like to stay in C~Bus, and hopefully he can, but he will go with the right offer when presented....although he did tell me yesterday, Omaha is as far west as he would consider...seems Mutual of Omaha has a dozen or so openings for his line of degree, Actuarial Science.

With the work in the kitchen waiting on the floors and wood to completely dry, we have decided to upgrade that floor and make some other improvements....those will come from our pockets via a home improvement line of credit...we have been considering some upgrades, and this mini disaster will move us to that point....not sure exactly what we have in mind, but with some sidewalks needing repaired, I'm sure the insurance money to cover the damage and another $5 grand will help, take care of some of what we want/need.  Although we know $5,000 doesn't go far these days, and hasn't in a long time.   We have pretty simple needs and wants....and this should take care of business.  We would like to be out of debt completely when Patricia retires in four or five I cannot officiate/umpire forever.  Even if I stay healthy, I plan on dropping basketball in the next 2 years, football soon after  Well if I can walk and see, I will probably do that for the rest of my days....or at least until I'm 70....whichever comes first!

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Photos-The "Construction Zone" is in a holding pattern as the floors dry out, and the final damages are added up....cost wise and work to be done wise. (2)  Sam and I will escape the dust and noise of the house for a Twilight/Night Double Header at Montgomery Field in Celina tonight...the rubberized turf field is usually hot in the summer, but tonight it should be cool enough to work in comfort...not so for our double header Saturday, when 90 is back in the forecast.(3) Regardless of work to be done....the kitchen will change forever...a new floor type, and probably changes in windows and counter/appliance area as well.

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