Friday, May 25, 2012

Ode to Grand Lake....postponed a day or so....

The Dell Computer had been acting up, and looking quite infected over the past weeks....the anti virus program had changed, and pop up and misdirections were getting to be a pain in the ass, to say the least....well yesterday it took any problems out of our hands, as the hard drive crashed....and now here I set with a "new" actually refurbished E-Machine from the local computer will do the job, but like anything else in computer/Internet land, it's going to be a drag.  And for4 now I'm working with Internet Explorer, rather than Firefox....which even while blogging is different, you actually have to use the "spell check" button, for me, that will be a problem, not the world's best spelling B champ, especially when I am in a hurry...anyway, I really have not figured out how to load photos, to the blog..the generic one of the new computer, it may be a few days, over the Holiday before I get back to "normal" blogging....but will check in when I get a chance.  In between loading, reloading, and figuring out where the lost stuff is on this puppy.

back later>>>>

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