Thursday, May 3, 2012

One {inning} and Done!

Spring is always wacky, weather-wise, in Ohio...especially the months of April and May, no rhyme or reason it seems for what Mother Nature blows our way....

Yesterday was no exception, near record heat, with humidity to match, but the strong breeze from the southwest kept things bearable.  Jim and I were to umpire a NWCCA game between Perry and Waynesfield, at Perry...the game was entering the 12th inning when the other umpires had called it because of darkness a couple of weeks ago...the score 9-9.  Jim took the plate, since I will work the dish at our Sectional Tournament game at Crestview next week.  We were paid a "half fee", and if the game lasted more than 1 inning, we would get $5 per inning....unique to say the least, but since both of us were off...we took the $30 each and that would be enough for gas and a 12 pack a piece it seemed...if it went longer, well, we could deal with didn't.

We got the game started on time, and Waynesfield  jumped out, scoring two runs in the top of the  12th....Perry could not answer, and we were done in 20 minutes at the most....I filled the van back up at the local Speedway, bought a 12 pack of Miller Lite, and the total came to $24.65....I had come out on top...gas, Miller, and $5.35 left over for 20 minutes work and a 45 minute drive each way.....damn is retirement good or what?

The Heat Is Back____

With yesterdays near record temperatures, it seems we are in for a spate of Summer-like weather....March saw records, April, after the first week, was windy, rather dry, with normal temperatures for the most part.....but we saw some heat, snow, and last weekend, sleet and storms.  Tonight Garry and I head to Crestview for the season ending league match up between the host Knights and LCC.  The Thunderbirds clinched a share of the NWC title on Monday, with that 4-3 win over Columbus Grove that I worked the bases...tonight, with me behind the plate, they can win the league outright, or Crestview can take a share of the crown with a home field win.
The weather will remain hot, or at least above normal through the weekend, with today being the warmest....after today's dry spell, we will be dodging showers and storms for the next week or so, which could and probably will reek havoc with the games and especially the tournament action.  I picked up a game at Ottoville tomorrow, and am scheduled to work the Division 3 Sectional at Lima Shawnee, the first of two games starting at Noon on Saturday...we will see what the weather brings.

With yesterdays predicted showers staying west and north, I finished up round one of putting the seeds in the ground.....several varities of Sunflowers, the Moon Flowers, and other usual garden fare flowers are planted.  I will give them a week or so to see how they 'break out'....if they do no problem, if they don't?  No problem, I've got the time and seeds to re-sow them all.

All for now....back later>>>> 

Photos-The sun rising over Grand Lake is more like mid Summer this week rather than mid Spring....The LCC @ Crestview game tonight should be a good one, with a at least a share of the league title on the line....and hopefully the seeds I planted yesterday will be even more successful than those that produced the Moon Flowers last season.

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