Friday, May 11, 2012

Sitting In My Back Yard...

No game for me yesterday, I had one scheduled, but the host team was involved in a Sectional final, and it was canceled, giving me a chance to kick back and relax.  The sun was shining, but the temps were a bit below normal, reaching somewhere in the lower 60s, with a brisk wind....pleasant, but not perfect by any means.  I did some laundry, washed some dishes, made a run to Wally World{Wal Mart} for bird seed and some bananas....but basically I relaxed in the back yard.

After finishing up my morning writing, I got stuff done around the house, checked out the plants, did the Wally World thing and sat around the back year, taking some photos, looking at the seedlings popping through the ground, where some did, and others are yet to make their presence known...if they ever do.  Eventually I thawed out a couple of Rib Eye Steaks, for Patricia and I, a couple of cans of mushrooms and some beets....I fixed supper, and had it ready by the time she arrived home around 5pm.

Not very exciting times for sure....but it was rather relaxing day....

Today...back to "normal"____

This afternoon it's back to baseball...Freshman Baseball, and a double header at that.  Now it's been years since I worked a lower level game, other than a JV contest or two a year to help out...but when Bruce the AD from Celina called me, I didn't have a tournament game on the schedule, and the $110 pay check for 4 or 5 hours work seemed fair enough.  But Freshman baseball...with me behind the plate for the first game, is something foreign.  These games tend to ruin your strike zone, and sometimes the lower level coaches are just asking to get the heave-ho....I have "Zero" tolerance for this level coaches...I don't expect many problems however, especially out of the Celina coach, since he is the next door neighbor kid, that I coached in youth football, and who I sold my Jeep Wrangler to, just last Summer....

The weekend is free of baseball, unless somebody needs a fill in...which I don't anticipate.  So now I have to get used to not working the diamonds, except for the District next week at Coldwater....then it's off until early June.   Mushroom Hunting and a Kokomo Vietnam Mini-Reunion are in the forecast before the Summer Season begins.

Mother's Day Weekend is here, and I have some "shopping" to take care of....enjoy the weekend...back later>>>>
Photos-Looking out my back door, the fact that Spring has Sprung is pretty obvious, green grass and the flowers, including the various Comedy/Tragedy faces of the pansies are present.

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