Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thundered Out/Komets Hoist Another Cup

I arrived at about 4:20 for the 5 o'clock start at Spencerville yesterday afternoon....my partner from St Marys Sean was already there, and as I pulled into the parking lot, the first clap of thunder was heard....the heavy rains were south of the diamond over Grand Lake and in the Montezuma and St. Marys area....but with lightning around, there can be no start or continuing of games....we never tossed out the first pitch.  As the home plate umpire{umpire in chief} I finally called the contest at 5:50pm...we had done our job, waited and waited some more, but the storms, although south of the park, could be heard and that was enough not to get things underway.

By the time I arrived back in Celina the sun was shining....but the story had been told, no baseball last night.  Tonight a rare JV game, this one at Delphos St Johns....I have only had two JV games this season, both of those with Sam at Celina Easter Saturday....I don't do many in baseball, unlike football and basketball, I pretty much stick to varsity contests on the diamond.   Tomorrow Ol' Jimmy and I work a Sectional Final at Crestview, as they take on country rival Lincolnview for the right to move on to the Coldwater District, which I will work next week with Garry and Ed Oberlander....the spring season is moving past us in a hurry.  In fact other than tournament games, I have no varsity games left...just the JV contest tonight, and a rare double header on Friday, between the Celina and Coldwater Freshman squads.

Fort Wayne Wins the Presidents Cup_____

I grew up in Venice, Florida, but managed to keep a piece from the heartland while living there from 1953-62...that piece was be able to listen to WOWO Radio out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Fort Wayne was just 30 miles from Scott, Ohio, where I spent my first 5 years....and WOWO was the home of the Fort Wayne Komets Hockey Club.  In the late 1950s I could pick up WOWO on my trusty transistor radio, and during the winter months, I would listen to Bob Chase do the play-by-play of the Komets.   Now no ice skater was I, there was no ice in south Florida back then, no indoor rinks at all....I was a roller skater however, and I loved hockey.

I have been a fan of the Komets for over 50 years....they have been around since about the time I was born....and Bob Chase, now in his late 80s is still doing the radio play-by-play, and still active in the Fort Wayne community....last night in the Komets 2nd year in the CHL(after the UHL folded into the Central League) Fort Wayne won the cup...they had also won the final 3 Turner Cups in the old league...they now have 9 in there 60 year history:


So while my Philadelphia Flyers face elimination against New Jersey tonight in the Stanley Cup, my "other" hockey team, The Fort Wayne Komets, who have been a part of my life for much longer...take home another title...Congratulations K's!

Off to the Doc's for a Check-Up____

Time to get ready to head out...off to the bank and then New Bremen for a check up on the results of the blood work I had done last week....hopefully no surprises....but at my age, after this past few months, I have come to know, that nothing is certain in this crazy life....back later>>>>

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