Monday, May 21, 2012

The Spring Season Ends, back to the Workout Regiment

May is feeling more like July....

Sam and I drove to Coldwater, site of my just completed District 4 games this past week{see Saturday's Blog for details on the hard fought, close played final}for a Junior High double header between the host Cavilers and visiting Versailles, whose varsity team, along with Minster, remain the two MAC Schools left in the baseball Regional....Versailles in D3, while Minster remains in D4, as the defending State Champions in that Division.

We got started at 1pm and were done before 4:30, I was home by 5 downing a few cold ones....with the temperatures reaching near 90 degrees, can you blame me?  After a warm winter, a hot March, a windy, but dry April, May has, for the most part, a feel of July...who knows what it will feel line when Summer actually arrives?  But for now, things are dry, bone dry, the fields look stressed, as does my garden, as the plants and flowers make their effort to pop through the dry, hard, soil seem fruitless.  Ohio it seems cannot hit the happy medium, seldom do we have a seasonal season with enough rain, it's always, so I often notice, either too cold, too wet, or as is the case this Spring, too hot and dry....not that I mind the warm weather, but we could use some rain.  Today they are saying 40% chance of storms, but the radar is clear as a bell at this hour, and if it doesn't rain today or tonight, it may be another week of hot and dry before our next chance.

Spring Baseball....finished for PRH

With no regional games this year, for the second straight season, my spring season has come to an end....the break is short lived however...a 10 day break before Sam and I work a ACME Double Header at Lima Shawnee on June 2nd.  June will be pretty full game wise, before the Summer baseball season ends in July and I start concentrating on the coming High School and lower level football schedule.  Several things on the calender happen over the next month as I ease into that Summer schedule however.

Patricia and I may be taking my sister Kelly, who is staying with us for another week or so, through Memorial Day, to far upstate New York, where her husband/Chef Mike is getting ready to take care and the start up of a resort/marina food operation for the summer months....that would come right after the holiday weekend.  Then I will run over to Kokomo for a day or two for the mini reunion of Vietnam Veterans, this is the prequel to the big September bash...ACME Summer Baseball begins that Saturday as the State High School season finishes up....then the next weekend Sam finishes up his work at The Ohio State University in Columbus...he will receive his BS in Actuarial Science on June 10th....a Sunday. 

The Workouts....back at it!

When I got the news that my Carotid Arteries were pretty well "plugged",  it was suggested that I stopped my weight lifting and heavy workouts....well I thought, just how heavy are my workouts at 62/heading for 63 years of age?  But I ceases the basement three times a week weight's now been 3 months since I stopped pumping iron, and despite the baseball umpiring, I really need to get back into the regiment....and that begins today.

Over the past 2 years 9 months{September 2009} since it was discovered that I had pre-diabetes 2{ain't getting old great?}, I have watched my diet....losing 31 pounds down to 183 from 214, the last few months, with medication and workouts ceases, I have gained a dozen or so pounds back....drifting between 192 and 197.  So it's time to take back the's been just over 9 weeks since the surgery on my 63rd birthday back on March 16th, and I need to drop the pounds gained since then...summertime, with lite beers instead of the heavy dark ones and sweating off the pounds, hopefully I can get back down towards the 180 mark, and close to where I was before the surgery and medication....

Time is wasting, so time to get with it....back later>>>>

Photos-(1)As I look today...(2) ACME and American Legion Baseball are next on the agenda..(3) Back to lifting some weights, although I doubt if I ever get back to the heavy lifting, as I was doing (4)before the surgery...back on March 16th, the day I turned 63.

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