Monday, May 14, 2012

Son of a Beach, Windy Point, Grand Lake Ohio...

With a Freshman double header Friday Night finishing off the spring regular season, my baseball is on a few days hiatus until the District Division 4 games this week at Coldwater.  A double header semi final pair Wednesday night, then an under the lights District Championship Friday beginning at 7pm....those will finish off the high school season for me...Summer ACME and American Legion will get underway when I return from the mini Vietnam Reunion at Kokomo the last weekend in May/first weekend in June.

Meeting up with "The K-Man"___

Saturday Patricia, Anissa, and I, met up with Hal, Lisa, and grandson Kasyn{see yesterday's post} at Buffalo Wild Wings in St. Marys, where they presented Patricia, with some Mother's Day gifts....and we dined on some wings, while getting to see The K-Man for an hour or so...the little guy will be 6 months old late next week and is growing like a weed....still in the top 5% size and weight wise for his age for certain.  I will head down to Centerville this Thursday for another visit as well.

Sunday, Mother's Day....Anissa and I took some of Patricia's home baked cookies over to mom's along with a card....then pretty much stayed around the house for the remainder of the day.....on the agenda today, a MRSI Board Meeting at Noon, after I take the cat to the pet center for a trim....she always loves those!

Windy Point, Grand Lake St. Marys, "son of a beach"____

Growing up, or at least spending my high school years, living in Montezuma, Ohio, on Grand Lake's south side, I spent much of my time during the summer months hanging around Windy Point and Beach Point Billiards....both have changed over the past 45 years since I graduated from Celina High have I.

Windy Point had a small beach facing the west back in those days....maybe enough room for 20 beach goers, but the place was always full during the Summer, especially on weekends.  Me and the Jones Boys, and other friends spent many hours there, sunning ourselves and looking for women and trouble....we found, if anything, more of the latter.  Sneaking beers, camping{which was illegal}, and doing some night swimming into the waters of the lake{also illegal at night, if I recall}....

The State of Ohio and the DNR{Department of Natural Resources}, in their always wacky wisdom, decided to close down Windy Point Beach facing the west, and built a new one closer to the point and facing the north....the place was never the same.  

So here we are the coming Summer of 2012...and the State DNR has decided to rebuild the old Windy Point Beach.....brilliant!  30 years later, and who knows how many dollars spent?, and the state decides to put things back the way they were....yep, brilliant!

With the problems the lake is experiencing, I'm  doubtful this will work out well...but What the Hell?  I spent many hours at Windy Point before the Air Force and when I returned....I remember taking the first Airedales, Rag and Max there swimming on many a summer they say, you cannot go back, but despite my doubts of any success of this state venture, it does bring back some pleasant memories from my high school days, and those post Air Force years that immediately followed. 

Those Alga Warning Signs be dammed! 

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Photos-The "New" old Windy Point Beach....Kasyn eying Granma's Chicken Casadias, the old "New" beach, unused in years is now filled in...and Beach or no Beach, the signs tell you, this isn't the Grand Lake of my youth....Alga is here to stay!

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