Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And the Hawk Blows....and Changes come with that.

After getting in a cold and windy game in at Delphos last night...today's encounter at Spencerville was cancelled, the AD there called me and said it was just too cold, and sadly I agreed...it would not have been fun.  So after going 0 for 7 in scrimmages, I am 2 out of 3 in regular season games, off tomorrow, then games on Thursday, back at Delphos Jefferson in a game with town rival St Johns, Friday Garry and I are at Fort Recovery, and Saturday I stick around Celina for a JV double header...those game look, at least at this point, to be played in warmer weather...at least 50 and maybe near 60 by Saturday...not great, but better than the 40 with a 25 chill factor that we faced last night and would have today.  Rain is in the forecast for next week, but we will play it one game at a time.

For those that are regular readers of this blog, you may have noticed my posting is down to 3 or so per week, and it is mostly nothing more than a daily diary these days....

I have been at this nearly 6 years not, and frankly have been doing it(almost 1500 blog posts) much longer than I thought...for now, I will keep it going, just not in the way I have in the past...I have noticed that this last month, March, after seeing my biggest hits and page views the previous March, was down considerably.  It seems to me that "Blogging" and reading same is a somewhat dying art...there are just way too many out there...and even I, after getting out of the habit of reading those people I originally connected, don't stop by a lot of them these days....Mushy, Buck, Fat Hairy Shrinky for the English Isles, Lin from the sticks of New Mexico, Bruno, and the late Sarge Charlie, were some of my favorites...most of those either have stopped completely or only do so on a limited basis...others have moved on to facebook, twitter, and other social media, and sadly some, like my Vietnam friend Sarge, have passed on.
Bastard, Jerry from Indiana,

As for me, I don't write as much about politics..why bother?  With still 50% of the people supporting that Marxist Bastard in the White House, you know you will not change their minds...they have been sucked into the "system" of the free loaders and nanny state...there is no turning back....so I will continue to post photos, when I get some good ones, stories, talk sports, maybe a bit of politics, and hopefully stories of my travels, when I get a chance, like the proposed Boundary Water revisit this July.

If you are interested in my past life and stories of growing up in Florida, my Air Force and Vietnam Days, Genealogy etc, you can simply click the links to past years and months, and there they will be...so for now, I'm not going anywhere, but the stuff, for the most part will be from my day to day activities...and trust me folks, the wanderings and jotting downs of a 64 year old semi~retired white guy, are not the stuff of Hemingway.

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