Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pictorial of a Baseball Game


Yesterday was the first game that we got in, where jackets and in some cases total winter gear and wear were not needed...of course even though it was in the mid to upper 60s by the game's beginning, it was still cloudy and windy, so not all together that great for baseball...today they are still calling for storms, although most are north of Ohio in Michigan and Wisconsin at this hour...tomorrow looks wet, and Thursday looks downright nasty, with cooler temps and a 100% chance of rain and storms.

Yesterday Garry and I worked our 3rd game together of the young season, we have another dozen of these partnerships to go which saves us gas money at the least....it was his turn to drive and work the plate, so he picked me up before 4pm and we were on our way to Van Wert...the town where we both were born many years ago...me more many than him....

We arrived in plenty of time, decided to wear short sleeves and headed to the diamond at Smiley Park, on Van Wert's west side...going through the pre~game we got to talking to area photographer Pat Agler, who I played Dartball against for a few years....he is a freelance photo guy and does great work...many of his photos of me, including football and baseball close~ups have been posted on this blog...today shots are from his collection at:


Pat let's me download them for personal use.....and I want to give him credit for that before I go farther....

The Game....

Visiting Parkway {located in Rockford, Ohio} jumped out on top 4-0 in the 3rd inning, before the hometown Cougars battled back with 6 runs to take a lead....a couple of more scoring innings left the score at 7-5 Van Wert as we entered the top of the final inning, the 7th...a couple of close calls, a collusion at first base, resulting in an out, and the Panthers had forged a 8-7 lead as Van Wert took the bats out for the bottom of the 7th...loading the bases with just one out, Parkway's pitcher go a foul pop and a fly ball to center to end things, with the visitors coming out on top by that final 8-7 score.  A rather long 2 1/2 hours game, but entertaining none~the~less.

Tonight, if the rains hold off, I meet up with my old buddy from Rockford, Jimmy R...up north at Ottoville...I think it's his turn to take the plate as well, but will drag my gear along, just in case I'm wrong.  Tomorrow at Lima Central Catholic and Thursday back with Garry at Antwerp in a Green Meadows Conference game....those are both very "Iffy" at the point due to the weather....Mother Nature will make that decision.  Friday, one of my rare weekday JV games back here in Celina, then Saturday north at Haviland Wayne Trace for a Varsity Double Header....the temperatures look cold by dry for the weekend.

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Photos-Pat Agler's photos...he took some 160 yesterday and has them posted on his site at:


Top is my mug...big frown, not from the game, but more likely fighting the wind and dust from the diamond in my face...second is Garry{L} and me discussing the pre~game plan, or laughing about somebody messing up during infield practice...and bottom is me in the "C" position as the Parkway hurlers delivers to the plate and the Van Wert runner takes off from second.  And Bottom is me in the "C" again{in the shortstops way between second and third base}....

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