Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Wind...Plains Blizzard

I got 3 baseball games in, one on Friday, and a double header on Saturday....Saturday's JV Games(I have 4 total JV contests for the year scheduled, as opposed to 40 Varsity) at Celina were a lesson in contrasts.  My much younger partner, the son of a veteran umpire took the plate in the first game on the artificial the games outset, with the wind blowing off Grand Lake the temperature was about 48 degrees, even though they were calling for a high near could have fooled everybody in attendance, as the fans were wrapped in blankets and dressed for winter weather...on the basepaths it never warmed up....but the time we finished, just after 2pm, my Nitro still read 48.  Where the Hell is the warm?  So I dressed for the second game of the twin bill with jacket on over my gear...It seemed like the thing to do, but by the time we hit the 2nd inning, the predicted warm weather  finally hit, and I sweated my way through the contest, eventually ending about 4:15.  The Celina JV team, after losing 12-6 in the opener, came back, scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th in the nightcap, winning 8-7 for a split of the games.  

Arriving home, the wind and cold had wore me out....I had a couple of Miller Lites, watched the Louisville/Wichita State Game in the NCAA Semi Finals...a close game with favorite Louisville pulling it out late, in come~from~behind fashion.  I was bushed, and didn't bother watching the second game between Michigan and Syracuse.  Frankly I despise Michigan and wasn't interested in watching them win or lose, they won, and play Louisville tonight for the title...the game starts at 9:30 eastern, and I won't be watching that one either...give my preference I hope Louisville wins, but really I don't care.  My teams, Duke and Ohio State lost last weekend, and really why watch something that you can only root for one team to lose...?  Really, if that is not a waste of time, what is?  As much as I enjoyed watching the early rounds of  "March Madness"...I don't have the stomach to watch scUM{aka: University of Michigan} hoist a trophy....Go Louisville!

Sunday, Patricia, Anissa, and I, headed over to mom's and cleared the yard of stick, and broken limbs from her trees...that took an hour, and wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...honestly my wife did most of the work, so of course I wasn't complaining of the chore....

I hit the sack early again last night...perhaps too many beers, old age, wind, sun, etc....or a likely combination of all of those listed...I was however up before dawn, hoping perhaps I could get some sunrise photos taken at the such luck.  I saw some red skies, and jumped in the Dodge and headed to the West Bank Road...but those red lines were quickly fading into the clouds, and I only got 2 was blurred, the other, take from the car is what you see on the top of today's post.

MRSI Board Meeting, which I forget, was on today's agenda...our secretary called once I didn't show, reminding me...and they needed me for a quorum, I jumped in the Nitro and was at the office within 5 minutes....another chore done, another that took about an hour.

The 70% of storms has missed us, for now, and Garry and my game at Van Wert, with visiting
Parkway is still on as I type this at 2:20pm....if we get the game played, it might be the last for the remainder of the work the forecast only gets more grim....of course looking west, I see western Nebraska is slated to get 18 to 24 inches of snow before Wednesday who am I to complain....that amount of snow, outside the Rockies is rare indeed this later in the season.

So, rain or shine, storms or not, the new week has begun...back later>>>


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