Monday, April 15, 2013

More Reflexting Than a Person Outta....

Last Week was most miserable, weather wise than early to mid April than it should be....very little sunshine until late yesterday, rain and wind most of the week.  The wind began Monday, the rain by Tuesday Night, and it continued into Friday, early it was warm, but by Friday and the Weekend is was blustery, and miserably cancelled Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then my double header at Wayne Trace was called off for Saturday Morning.  That happened early Friday afternoon, so I cleared the Calendar, and soon enough I had calls from Wapak for a single varsity game at 1pm Saturday, as I was heading the 22 mile drive for that one, Celina's AD called and asked if I could fill in for a second game of a Varsity Double Header when I returned to the home base.  The game as Wapakoneta was brutally cold..I did the bases in 40 degree cloudy, windy weather....I headed home, Garry and his partner, who had to leave early were done by the time I arrived back in Celina, so I donned the plate gear, and finish off the contest with visiting Sidney, we were done soon after the total loss of games was somewhat dented, but the conditions were less than ideal.

Yesterday Patricia, Anissa, and I, were back over to mom's taking care of getting her stuff out and ready....cleaned off the carport, the front porch, and more sticks in the yard needed picking up....while doing that I received a text message from the head of the Lima Umpire group, asking me if I was open, and could I replace him for tonight's varsity game at Coldwater?  What the Heck?  I had left open today and April 24th for rain out make~up games, so if the next batch of approaching rain holds off long enough, I will join our association secretary for the Coldwater vs Ansonia game...the rest of the week, while my schedule is full...does not look good.  In fact it looks like a repeat of last week, middle of the week wet and seasonable, while Friday and the weekend look much colder than
average, but drying out....I HATE SPRING IN OHIO!  It really is, most years, a miserable time...winter is over, but the warm just doesn't want to make a permanent appearance.  This year, at least so far, worse, than most.

After getting finished at mom's I sat outback and listened to the Reds drop their 5th straight, after a great start to the season, injuries and a porous bullpen, has Cincy on the ropes, heading into tonight's lengthy homestand, beginning with Philly.  I walked inside and turned on the Masters....let it be known, I am no golf fan...probably because it is a sport I have never mastered...I just don't have the patience.  As far as watching it on the tube...yesterday was about it...the last four hole of the legendary Masters Tournament is about all I can do...watching so called "fans" mostly out of shape 40 year old jump men up and down and scream at the players, cheering and yelling like 12 year old girls at a Justin whatever the Hell is name is concert, is something I can just not figure out.  It's one thing to watch a sporting event and root, but golf fans who sit for hours watching other guys{and women} chase and slap a little white ball, is something I cannot figure out.....

Doesn't matter though, it was an great finish, with the young Aussie topping out the old veteran from Argentina in 2 playoff holes....I then showered and kicked back and watched one of the all time great movies, with Bogart, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre"....A certified classic....then off to the sack.

This morning I actually made myself get up and do things I needed done...the two most important, setting up an eye appointment, something I have not had in 2 years or more...probably more like 4, and a call to the VA Hospital in Columbus, where I made an appointment for a physical.  That will begin the process of getting me off Patricia's insurance, when she retires, and keeping ahead of Medicare, which would come along next year, if I don't opt for the VA....the center in Columbus has been good for brother Mike, and most of the other folks I know who use that is the plan for now.  Both the eye check and the VA check up are slated for late May.

So that was my excitement for the weekend past and early today....time to get ready for baseball...

back later>>>>

Photos-Old Poster of the "Treasure"...what is funny about this one...the photo of Walter Houston, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, is a photo of him about a dozen years younger, without his grizzled beard...he never appears like that in this film...he looked like he does in the bottom photo, throughout the movie....Bogart, Tim Holt, and Houston, were all outstanding in this classic.


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