Wednesday, April 17, 2013

___prh...a day in the life....: Growing Up in Venice Florida(part 1) Redux....from...

With the rain and miserable conditions, the Spring from Boredom Hell continues...rained out yesterday, and taking a look at the forecast, I suspect today, tomorrow, and Friday, will not likely be played either.  One Rain Out all last Spring, when I could have used the rest, after Carotid Artery Surgery.  This year 7 already, with 3 games picked up, with the rest of this week and next looking cold and/or wet:

With that I am going to re~post some of my early blog works....I am approaching 6 years doing this{July 2007 it all started} and here is some of what I used to blog about...enjoy:

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___prh...a day in the life....: Growing Up in Venice Florida(part 1) Redux....from...: Interesting weekend...somewhat! I did get my double header in at Hicksville on Saturday...couple of more injuries, sorry to s...

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