Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunny and Seasonable Monday

After a bitter Friday and Saturday{which saw me lose three more baseball games, worst Spring I can remember for cancellations in years}, Sunday crawled towards 50 with some sunny skies...I managed to get mom's lawn mowed, but it did not do my back any good at all.  The mower probably needs new back tires, and the pushing instead of the usual walking behind it, has put my back on alert!  Of course as luck would have it, Patricia also did something to her back, and we are both walking a bit stiff.

Today looks better...Sunny and 65 or so, about normal for this time of year, but it will not stick around the afternoon tomorrow showers will be around, and another game is in danger of getting washed out.  Cold on Wednesday, then things slowly move back towards normal late April conditions and hopefully drying is in store, if the forecast can be believed.

This morning I was up at 6 and jumped in the Nitro, headed for the south side of Grand Lake, hopeful of getting some good sunrise photos...blah!  Some looked good, but really nothing out of the
ordinary, I've got hundreds of them that look like the ones that I snapped this morning...gotta find me a few new sunrise locations within easy driving distance, that I can pick out, so I can get a different view to photograph.

Attached to today's blog are the results, well at least a few of them....tomorrow I will be back with the 4th installment of my 2008 looking back at growing up in Venice, Florida...

back later>>>>

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