Thursday, April 11, 2013

Going Rogue, Celina a City on the Brink...


That's exactly what the city I call home, where I graduated from High School from 46 years ago, and the town my kids grew up in has's not pretty, to say the least. 

But first a look at the weather....

After sun, clouds, wind, and warmth, all heavens opened up yesterday afternoon, and lasted into the early hours of this best guess, we got 3 inches of rain in a 12 hour period, the rivers are coming out of their banks and the Grand Lake Spillway is pouring into the Beaver Creek and will wind up in the mighty Wabash River....meanwhile to the east then flowing north, the overflow to the St. Marys River will wind it's way to Fort Wayne's Three Rivers and eventually to Lake Erie....sometimes I wonder why in the Hell I moved back to Ohio?  Of 365 days each year, you can probably county on your fingers and toes the days you call "Good Weather".  It's either too cold, too wet, too humid, too windy,or too damn hot to enjoy or a nasty combination....the few good days
usually come in May, June and maybe late September or early October....No Sir, Ohio is not a great place weather wise...not the coldest nor the hottest, or having the most wet or snow days, but the nice days are few and far between most years.

Needless to say my game at Lima was rained/stormed out yesterday, and I'm 99.9% sure today's at Antwerp will be also...tomorrow at Westview here in Celina is  looking iffy, and the double header at Wayne Trace for a Varsity Saturday looks cold and windy, even if the fields dry off...which is doubtful.  Next week looks wet again....this is going to be one of those springs, where the cancellations equal the games played....maybe worse than that, taking a look at the future forecast.

Celina, Ohio...What the Hell has gone wrong?

Not more than a decade ago, my town of Celina was named in a book as one of the "One of the 100 Best Small Towns in America"  .  The locals were kind of amused, but we believe it more or less....these days, nobody in their right mind would agree with that statement.

The town has let it's streets and alley repairs go to Hell, a new administration has picked up where the old one left up any building that is vacant or a local business wants to dump and then claim to the citizens and taxpayers that "It's a Great Deal".  The latest being a bank building on Main Street that the local bank wanted to unload, so the city agrees to unload $2 million to buy up this "great deal" and turn it into a City Hall....because of course the old stone one, built back in 1898 or so, just ain't good or big enough...forget the streets and the outlaw police department in disarray...we gotta have some new digs.

Yesterday was a shinning example of what the Hell has gone wrong in "Pleasntville, Ohio".....

One of my best friends and I were moving some furniture and talking about his dimwit of a youngest daughter, who at 23, along with her outlaw boyfriend, were among 12 of the newly arrested fools in Celina....they were charged with dealing and possession of Heroin...seems this is the drug of choice, along with Meth, for the white punks on dope crowd in Celina and the surrounding bergs....anyway, he was bummed, but agreed that he was not going to "pony up" the money to pay the 10% of her $50,000 bail.  Pot, booze, and a few minor drugs were the things that were swapped around Celina when I got out of the Air Force...but nothing like the crap these days, where kids of friends, and kids I coached are getting busted left and right...the problems of inner city America have come to the small towns....The America of Obama and the Clinton's has spread it's ugly face to Middle America.

Rogue Cops....or just a screw up?

As we drove back into Celina, we noticed a crowd of people and other cars "rubber necking" at the goings on at a small used car lot on Market Street....Cops, Yellow Tape, Rescue Squads, etc...we knew this was no ordinary traffic accident.....turns out, it wasn't!

Our local Police Department, earlier this year, had it's rogue chief suspended, with pay of course, for activity unbecoming a Chief of Police...the guy has been a joke and an

embarrassment since he was appointed 20 years ago....unqualified, except in the eyes of the Civil Service, he should not have been promoted/ this day, he remains on the payroll and off duty.

At the same time this fool was suspended, a 12 year veteran officer was suspended as well...his was for "Unusual Behavior" appears that he was  reinstated, something that was not published in the local rag....or if it was, it was buried deep.  That is where yesterday's "incident' comes into play:

So here we have it...a cop with "issues" of a psychological nature, is sent out to handle a guy waving a gun around and a guy ends up dead....nice move Celina PD....nice f**king move!

You can smell the lawsuit coming...and you know who is going to pay for it...?  The Taxpayers of Celina....

Heads need to roll....from the top on down.  I'll probably be pissing off more than a few of my "Friends" on facebook and on this blog for my views on this...but so be it!  "We Have a Problem Celina"  and somebody better get their heads out of their collective asses....this town is heading for Hell in a Hand Basket....and somebody with some leadership sense better figure it out...pronto!

back later>>>

Photos-Celina City of >>>>>>??? Who the Hell knows these days?  The Hail came late yesterday afternoon, this pile was next to my garage door, just before dark.  The Spillway from Grand Lake if Flowing...and the quite streets of Celina are not looking so good these days.


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Anonymous said...

Celina.Center of Every living loser in North America.

Pat Houseworth said...

While I agree that Celina has more that it's share of local white trash losers, and move in drug dealing gang bangers with fat white women in tow....I'm not sure if that matches somebody without the guts to post their real name and ID....does it Anon?