Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Blow is Coming

After getting done at Delphos Jefferson(boys Junior High doubleheader), I drove home the back roads...making it bad luck for one raccoon...the critter ran right out in front of me, and I had no chance to miss him. Probably on the run because the water is rising...the problems of snow melt, 60 degree temperatures, and now an inch or two of rain. This is not conclusive of anything nice in the the folks down in Oklahoma found out last night. Oklahoma City has been the receiver of bad luck the past few springs, when it comes to tornado activity, last night was no exception. Hopefully my blogging buddy Ron Simpson escaped OK...I know he lives somewhere in the area.

The wind is supposed to hit in the 60MPH range with thunderstorms here in west central Ohio today....the temps will also hit 60, before dropping like a rock, back into the upper 30s tomorrow.

I'm back at Delphos both tonight and tomorrow....Freshman tonight, girls JH tomorrow. Then I move on to Junior High tournament games at Marion Local over the weekend.

Right now I am catching the Glenn Beck radio show, where the highlights thus far, have centered on King Barack's pity party down in Fort Myers, Florida.....seems they collected a few dozen citizens to cry and whine to the "Commander and Thief" about how they had to have government the form of taxpayers monies of course. But what the Hell? If the banks, Wall Street, and GM, can screw the country and tax payers over, why not the poor stiffs that can't afford their flat screens or cable bills? Glenn says Barack is a genius...he(BHO) is blowing smoke at the public, and is succeeding in confusing most and pissing off some(like me). Divide and conquer....Barry has his sights set on a dictatorship.

I gotta tell you folks, this is just going to get better and better....Obama talked during the campaign about folks like me clinging to "God and Guns"....the sonofabitch doesn't realize just how deep the roots of revolution are in the country...a trip around the blogesphere will set him free. The right and left are both on fire...."Come Together for the betterment of the Country"? No freaking chance! Not with this guy in charge...he makes Bill Clinton look like a choirboy....Obama and his henchman are trying to overwhelm the public, and many are not going to be able to focus on the train wreck this guy his driving our way.

Ok, time to batten down the hatches....the Hawk is gonna blow.

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Sarge Charlie said...

glen beck is the man, I love his show,radio also

Trish said...

Beck is correct- we need to band together, and stock up on food and supplies too! This is going to be a rocky road the next 4 years...
God Bless America, and let's hope she's still standing in 2012!