Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Patroits and Piss Ants!

After the outstanding weekend I had with my fellow Air Force Security Police old timers that served in Vietnam and Thailand....I hate dwelling, digging, slumming, my way back into the dark regions of politics....a subject which it appears will in short order, destroy the very republic that we served. It no longer comes down to a Republican or Democrat thing...it is now a Conservative, Patriot, Christian, vs liberal, atheists, Marxist, Socialist thing....

Barack Barry Soetoro Obama was elected by 53% of the population, an election that saw his opponent, John McCain, cave in almost every sense of the word...cave to the politics of Political Correctness. McCain, a war hero, POW, could not bring himself to challenge or criticize "The Messiah" at all during the campaign, could not go after Obama's far left friends...thus McCain was beaten, before he got started....And no we are stuck with a "Out of his League" Marxist Rookie. A lightweight who has surrounded himself with Clinton retreads and outright criminals. Here is a list:

Secretary of the Treasury: Tim Geithner-Tax Cheat
Secretary of Health and Human Service: Tom Daschel-Tax Cheat
Attorney General-Eric Holder-Criminal who kidnapped Cuba Refugee Elian Gonzales at gun point and returned him to Cuba, Illegally...also the top Anti Gun nut in the Clinton Attorney Generals Office, working under Janet "Iron Dyke" Reno.

Add Hillary Clinton, the "Bosnian War Hero" as Secretary of State, and wife of Impeached President Bubba.....Hillary the Carpetbagger, is probably the best of the bad lot.

Then you have the men writing in rules of spending in Congress....Charlie Rangel-Tax Cheat, Barry FagFrank and Chris Dodd....the "men" behind the Fanny and Freddie mess.....

Way to go Barry, you have in 2 weeks done more than GW Bush did in 8 years to destroy the Republic....and trust me, Bush did enough....the Republican don't get a pass:

Only 21 voted against Holder...although all of the House GOP voted against Obama's bloated "lack of" stimulus package, the Senate GOP is wavering.....the Trillion Dollar boondoggle is about to be leashed upon our Children and Grandchildren.....The country will never be the same.

So meeting with the men of "my" war this weekend was a sweet change, now we head back to the reality of Barack Obama, and the coming second Great Depression.....

Hold on to your hats gang....it's gonna be a bumpy ride. God help us all! It's your country, if you like the direction is it heading, do nothing. If you, like me, see the evil that is our Federal Government, time to pick up the phone or get on your e-mail and tell the sonsabitches in DC that you are 'Mad as Hell' and you despise what they are about to unleash on the USA.
So, that is a little, back from the great weekend, to reality rant.....State Baseball rules meeting tonight, although I may wait for a couple weeks and go to the one later in the month...depending on how the spirit moves me. Dartball last night, we continue our slide into mediocrity and I do on a personal level as well.....3 for 9 and 2 RBIs, it's been a so-so year.
So today, I have a few bills to pay, some shopping to do, and go through a stack of e-mailed photos from the reunion and ID them....
back later>>>>>
Photos-Top Patroits from this weekends Vietnam Reunion....my friends, Sam Lewis, Mike Tillman, and Jack "The Old Cowboy Poet" Smith....then we have the pissants...Tim Geithner, Tom Daschel or Tom Asshole, as I like to call him...Tax Cheats Obama can't do without....and finally Eric Holder and his "handiwork"...remember 8 year old Elian was so evil, that Holder and Reno's henchman had to come after him with automatic weapons?
UPDATE: Little Tommy Daschel has withdrawn his nomination...bet he wishes he had just stayed a lobby hack, could have saved himself some big bucks in those taxes he never paid!!!! Another Obama hand picked criminal leaves with tail tucked between his legs.....prh


Sarge Charlie said...

the shit is getting scarey pat, stock up on ammo

Pat Houseworth said...

It has begun Sarge...it has begun.

Deborah Wilson said...

Yes, it has begun.

And 53% of the American population obviously supports marxist theology - and that's only the percentage of the people who actually voted. Who knows how many more...

btw - great posts on your reunion, Pat.