Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Taste of Spring

Well most of the snow has melted, for now. There are still piles along side the roadways, ditches and driveways....but the bare ground is starting to show in areas. Today they are calling for winds near 30 MPH and 62 for a high, then tomorrow back to 58 with a 90% chance of rain, storms, and some of those could be severe(i.e. tornado outbreak possible). Usually this stuff comes around Ohio in March or April, but on occasion we will get blasted in February. I see the weekend is slated to he back below freezing however....late winter in the Midwest, you just never know what Mother Nature will bring.

I missed The Ebony Messiah and his "Doom and Gloom are upon us" speech last night, I was at Dartball where we took 2 of 3 from the division leaders(should have took all 3). I probably had my best night of the year, going 8 for 11 with 4 RBIs which effectively ended my month long slump...and put me back on top of the team all-star standings. Still below my usual stuff, but it was good to hit well...the only fly in the ointment was in game 3 with us trailing 4-2, a man on 3rd and nobody out in the bottom of the 9th...I hit(threw) into a double play, thus pretty well ending our chances for a sweep....I think it's only the 2nd time in 14 years that I have hit that little red spot when it mattered....We finish off the regular season next week, we need a sweep and some help to win the south division, and that help is probably not gonna happen. We also drew the same team, our arch division rivals, Mount Carmel, in the first round of the upcoming Tournament.

As I mentioned, I missed The Messiah and his "speech" on his "Porkulus" package...however, I did catch much of it on Fox News later in the evening. The purveyor of "Hope" sounded just like FDR with his doom and gloom. "The worst economic times since the Great Depression" he lamented...well he may be right, but only because Washington has talked the people running the economy(the working taxpayers) into believing it. I was in Radio News when our idiot 39th President, Jimmy Carter, ran the economic ship into the ground in the 1970s....so far this one isn't that bad...but it will be, and the BureaRATS in DC and Obama, and his henchman will be the reason(and don't give GW Bush a pass, he started it with the TARP Funds Bail Out)....I think that's his plan anyway. Destroy the country and it's infrastructure, and build up a Socialist Utopia.

I'm not sure if Barry wants to be King or a Dictator, but either way, he wants to rule, and anything less than loyalty to his majesty will not be tolerated. The sonofabitch better get used to not getting 100% support....some of us are not going quietly. I'm too damn old to give a crap what this out of his league, out of his mind, neophyte has to say.

Basketball at Delphos the next 3 nights as luck would have it...Jr High Boys tonight, Girls Freshman, tomorrow, and Girls Jr High Thursday. Tonight and Thursday at Delphos Jefferson, Wednesday at Delphos St. John. But first things first....today I tackle the back yard...the snow has melted, and I will clean up the mess that Reagan the Airedale has deposited....tough to keep up with when the snow is on the ground. I do not have that excuse now, so it's time to break out the shovel and rake, and go forth.....what fun!

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Sarge Charlie said...

I missed his speach also, I turned the TV of since I did not want to be depressed.

Anonymous said...

I notice he spent all his time before the election telling people how he would change everything and make it all better. Now he spends all his time telling people why he can't change anything.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Well said Pat. I am to damn old as well. I did have the plesure of watching this person aka potus try and scare us all to death. But after listening to him, I am more convinced than ever that we are screwed.