Friday, February 20, 2009

Winter Set to Return/Cabin Fever


Things tend to slow down in late{at least in western Ohio} tend to get caught up between seasons, winter is still here, but you get a taste of a spring tease on occasion as well. Last week we neared 70, this week we were in the 50s, but the high yesterday was only 17 with winds from the northwest at 30MPH...the chill factors hovered around zero. Now I see the National Weather Service is calling on a Winter Storm Watch for late tonight and tomorrow...2 to 4 inches of snow, and winds picking back up by Saturday afternoon...this could cause a break out of the snow blower, I guess it was to much to think I would be done with that.

With the calf muscle tear effectively ending my basketball season, I can now rehab and rest it until the baseball season, or at least the scrimmage season, is set to begin March 21st...the regular baseball season for High School is scheduled to start March 30th. Usually March and the first week of April is "iffy"...rain, cold, and snow, they make an appearance, and cancel about half the games, before real Spring sets in and we start getting some warm weather...but in Ohio each year is different, so you never know what you are going to get. Sam finishes up his basketball season tonight with a JV boys game at Crestview...and then tomorrow(weather permitting) at Lincolnview for a girls Junior High tournament double header. Tuesday we head south to Dublin for our State Baseball Rules has kept us from getting that one done, and there has been no sense in attending the required meeting solo.

So between late February and baseball season I've got plenty of time to get my warm weather plans in order...unless Barack Diabolos Obama brings on Armageddon, then all plans are off.

Things on my personal agenda{the great thing about being semi retired is, if you break em', who cares?}...losing the 25 pounds I have been planing on doing for the past 2 years....last time I dropped that much was the 30 I lost back in 2005, I kept that off for awhile, but have gained about 20 of it back. I would like to get down to 185, which considering my body build, would be about as much as I could do without health issues....I've lost 5lbs in the first 4 days of my "diet"{which really is not that hard, as long as I stay away from the breads and sweets} by the end of spring I hope to be there...and will keep you informed.

I plan on getting my fishing equipment in order, and will do more fishing this spring and summer, I may have to travel a little to do so{our local Grand Lake has pathetic fishing these days), but plan on doing just that. Also, target practice with the various pistols is in order, I have neglected that since my Air Force days, but I think the need to be proficient with weapons is more important now than ever....if you have to ask why, you have not been watching the news or see what is happening under the new Administration.

Patricia and I plan on starting a garden of sorts, I need to paint portions of the house and trim, and do some other yard work. Between the sports officiating, yard yard and house trimming, I plan on enjoying some good cigars{will be ordering a new stock here shortly}, and drinking a few cold ones between games and yard work. That sounds like my plans for the warm I just have to wait out the next few weeks of winter.....

In the meantime, I will continue to watch the disaster called Obama, take control like Stalin or Hitler, of these United States. He is El Diablo...the Chicken with Claws. Obama is the most dangerous man in the world, and is the enemy of the Amendments of the Constitution. Laugh it off all you want....time will tell{and prove me and others right}.

Dartball Tournament this Sunday Afternoon.....

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photos-El Diablo, who has a striking look much like El Barack...the Devil with a smile and an empty suit. Indian Tabac Smokes, my favorite cigars, good price, nice taste. And target practice and fishing are on my agenda for the coming warm weather.


Anonymous said...

It's cold down here in Georgia, too. Supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow in the mountains. At least you are keeping yourself busy with constructive things. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get things done when it's as cold as it has been.

Shrinky said...

Some great pics up there. Glad the resting up seems to be paying dividends on that injury of yours - you certainly have a full schedule planned for once the weather is clemment enough to enable it. Hubby has recently taken to enjoying the odd cigar, I rather like it.

Cookie..... said...

Hey Amigo...Off Topic. If'n ya gets a chance, go read the last two posts over my old Law Enforcement workmate's blog, "Signal 94". His link is in my blog roll on the right side of my blog. These article state what many of us fear and see on the not to distant horizon. Scarey stuff!

Donald Douglas said...

"I think the need to be proficient with weapons is more important now than ever....if you have to ask why, you have not been watching the news or see what is happening under the new Administration."

That the quote of the day, Pat!

Sorry to hear about the calf tear, but good you can save up some energy for baseball season. It'll be here before you know it.

- Donald

FHB said...

Man, I've been thinkin' about orderin' some more of those cigars. They sure do burn nice.

And that's a cool old pistol. You need to post more about that target practice.

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