Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6, 1977/Obama as Mussolini

Do you have one of those dates that sticks in your mind...forever? I have several, and we are not talking about the usual, Christmas, a certain birthday, etc. One of those days was February 6, 1977...32 years ago today. It was nothing special...just a day I jotted down for no reason.

We were in the middle of a winter, much like this one, a cold, long winter that had finally reached it's halfway point. I piled the Airedales, Rag and Max, into the new Jeep Cherokee, which we had just purchased, and decided to drive around and look at the frozen Grand Lake. Those first two Airedales of ours loved to ride, more than any we have had since....I could take them to the market or anywhere, and they would sit in the bucket seats as soon as I wold exit the car....the 100 pound Max in the driver's seat, and his partner, Rag, would sit in the passenger side until I(or we if Patricia was with me) returned....then they would hop in the back. Those two dogs just loved to travel, and until the kids came along, midway through their lives, they went everywhere with us.

On this day in 1977, the weather dawned clear and cold, and the lake, much like today, was completely frozen over...I had just finished going to school in southeast Ohio, and had transferred back to Wright State Lake Campus...I had time on my hands, at least during the morning hours...I worked at Fat's Stag Bar as a bartender in Celina during the afternoon, and went to classes at WSU-Lake during the evenings....the morning hours were mine and the dogs. Patricia was working at Celina Insurance during the day hours, so I had time to kill.

I yelled at the dogs to jump in the Jeep and off we headed, just to look at the lake, ice, and dream that winter would soon be done....I did the same thing this morning, Reagan our old Airedale didn't go along...she is not a big fan of long alone I went. Driving from West Bank Road to Windy the exception of the growing population around the lake) felt much like it did 32 years ago..except Rag and Max, our first "kids" are long gone.

A bittersweet memory to be sure, but it's one of those days, the exact date, that I will remember for the rest of my life....Nothing special as days go, just one that is etched in the recesses of my mind.

Winter is about half way done...6 weeks, 42 days, until March 20th...47 days by the cannot come soon enough for me....I look forward to baseball as opposed to basketball, a chance to sit on the steps or porch to fire up a Cigar and down a few cold ones..OUTSIDE...don't smoke cigars inside, and beer drinking is not as enjoyable unless you've got some sunshine and 70+ degree temps.

In other musings...I was watching Bill O'Reilly last night, and all of a sudden, they break for "breaking news"...the breaking news was our asshole-in-chief, Barack Barry Obama, talking to his fellow Socialists(Democrats) at tax payer expense, about his so called stimulus package....a $Trillion$ dollar boondoggle which will not only help to bankrupt the country, it will lead us to Socialism or worse yet, me paranoid, call me crazy...but this sonofabitch is killing the country. In only 2 weeks, with the help of Harry Reid and Rubber Face Nancy Pelosi, Obama has put us on the verge of economic collapse. Bank on it happening, on second thought don't "bank" on it...they will soon be owned by our corrupt Government.

Glenn Beck says, this guy is another Benito Mussolini...I say somewhere between Mussolini and Woodrow Wilson...2 popular men who became dictators in their respective countries, Italy and the USA.....

The downfall is happening much sooner than even I could imagine, and I despised this clown before he even became the Presidential front runner...he is evil in a suit.
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Photos-Grand Lake, it's 13,000 acres, still frozen solid this morning. Max(left) and Rag romping in the snow during the March 1979 blizzard in northern Wisconsin. Rag and me at our Brandon Avenue home in 1975...just a block from where the family resides today, and Max as a pup in 1976.


Cookie..... said...

First off, I always enjoy yur writting style and the nostalgic tales you tell frum time t'time.

Secondly, HOLYSHIT! My wife and I were watching O'Reilly as well when jug-ears came on, and as I watched and listened to speaking style, I looked at my wife and asked, "Looking at his hand gestures and his various voice inflections, does he remind you of anyone?" Her immediate reply was "Hitler".

Now, I'm NOT saying he's another Hitler, but it sure looks like he took public speaking lessons frum Adolf, or Lennon, or Marx, or....
as you say, Mussolini.

I just wish more folks new their history like us older geezers so they could see the similarities for themselves...**sigh**

The Hermit said...

Dogs are good friends, and often the only ones that will still be your friends if things get tough.

We knew we were screwed when Hussein was elected, and he's proving us right every day.