Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama's Folly/Ranking the Presidents

44 with rain slated for today. The last weeks of winter are always the worst. You have cabin fever, that itch to sit on the back steps or the front porch, and pop a top on a cold one and fire up an Indian Tabac....but Mother Nature says, "Not so fast, there is plenty of cold, wet, windy, weather still ahead"....and so we wait, and wait, and wait......

I tried to stay out of the news cycle yesterday, knowing our asshole-in-chief, one Barack Barry Soetoro Obama, was jetting off to Denver to sign the Porkulus Package that nears $1 Trillion....meanwhile the national debt approaches $12 Trillion...sweet isn't it? The Ebony Messiah flies Air Farce 1 to Denver to the tune of 20,000 gallons of Jet Fuel, while urging Americans to shut up, because he won. Screw you Barack, you sorry Marxist, within 30 days of being crowned "King of Amerika" in your own warped mind, have become the biggest hipocrite in recent memory.

King Obama in one afternoon, jetting across the fruited plain, used more fuel and caused more damage to our environment, than the Average Joe does in a lifetime. So excuse me Mr President, if I say to you..."Kiss My Ass Barry".

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest, have taken the rheins from Bush and Company, and has taken charge of those flood gates that "Dubya" opened and tore them off. We as a Republic are in deep, and no amount of Government spending is going to rescue the economy or the country...Obama will fail, hopefully the USA will rebound. But I don't have a Hell of a lot of confidence that will happen.

Ranking The Presidents

C-Span hired a gagle of "Historians" to rank the US Presidents...pretty funny stuff.

Old Abe Lincoln was ranked, my guess is these so called Historians lean just a little to the Old Abe may have saved the Republic, but #1....I don't think so. In my personal rankings, Abe wasn't even close....nothing to do with Slavery{before anyone accuses me of being a bigot}. Truth is, Lincoln really didn't have much use for the Slave issue....he did however try to destory the issue of States Rights. Abe was probaly in the middle somewhere, but history will never, ever, show that.

Other amusing rankings....Jimmy Freaking Carter was ranked really, who could be lower than this peanut brained SOB? Not even Bush2 can come close, at least GW, for all his faults, figured out how to kill Islamic Terrorists....Carter is #44 by any view, or at least anyone with a brain, is dead last. Bill Clinton at #15? Yep, if you ranked them by the ability to lie and sell out the Red China. LBJ at, you gotta be kidding? And probably the 2 most pathetic rankings.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>>>>>

Woodrow Wilson at #9 and FDR at #3...Wilson was a fascist and FDR caused the Great Depression to go on for more than a decade, until our entry into WWII.

Now, don't get me wrong... I know opinion are like assholes, and some of us are ones...including me. So for what it's worth from this asshole to you other are my top 5 and bottom 5. Being a student of History, I will admit the findings are biased and personal, don't like it? Tough Luck...make your own.

The Bottom 5 Presidents of All Time according to PRH........(Obama not included, because he has plenty of time to screw himself into the last spot, so we are only ranking the first 43 Prezies}.

#39 FDR---reason, as stated above
#40 LBJ---reason, much like FDR, Lyndon Johnson got us into war based on lies, and foisted the Great Society on the US, a disaster much like the Great Depression...we still have not recovered from it. impeached liar. Clinton now is seen as a coke abusing big nosed clown, but the damage he did while in office will be felt for years to come. Having said that, I could probably have a beer with Hillbilly Bill, but his taste in women...? Talk about bad! Hillary is another reason to vote Bubba low on the list.
#42 Wilson...this assclown tore the First Amendment apart, jailed his detractors, and was our first Fascist deep into real history to find his faults, because the main stream media worships this guy...he was pure evil..
#43 Jimmy "Peanut Brain" Carter...the guy's "Misery Index" numbers speak for themselves...his treason towards the US since he left office is the stuff the founding fathers would have hanged him for.

Now on to the top 5(IMO)

#5--Harry S. Truman....not a great President, but bombing Japan with atomic bombs ended the war and saved at least thousands of American lives and probably more....for that reason alone "Give em' Hell Harry" deserves a top 5 spot.
#4--Teddy Roosevelt...a little to left on some issues, but Teddy was an environmentalist with a brain, and he knew the dangers of unchecked immigration...
#3--Ronald Reagan...without a doubt the greatest President in my lifetime, and probably the 20th Century...if you have an argument with me on this...don't bother. Reagan brought the Soviet Union to it's knees, and built America back to his proper place in History.
#2--George Washington...a Hero for any era...Obama could take lessons from Washington. "I don't want to be King"....instead he wants to be like the good Socialist FDR. #1--Thomas Jefferson...despite the left trying to claim Jefferson as their own, Jefferson was a hard core Conservative of his day....he would have had hanged or shot the current members of both parties who sit in DC. Jefferson was the true father of the Republic.

Photos-Fuel Guzzling Air Force 1, Obama's own private Pimp Ride(Obama's whores being the Main Stream Press instead of loose women)./Jimmy Peanut Head Carter, America's Very Worst President/Ronald Reagan, my personal favorite and the best in my lifetime/and my #1 Thomas Jefferson.

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Law and Order Teacher said...

I don't have much of a disagreement with your picks. Jefferson is an interesting one. He was a small government conservative, strict constructionist who expanded his power once in office. I don't fault him for the La. Purchase, it was just a little high-handed.

That the Dems try to claim him is a joke. I'm with you on Reagan, best in my lifetime. My first vote was for Nixon in 72. If his paranoia hadn't gotten the best of him, his foreign policy would have been recognized. His domestic policy, yikes, price controls etc.

FDR, vastly overrated. He got credit for the economy when he didn't do it. What a sham.

Harry Truman. Only one word describes him: ballsy.

Washington deserves a high spot for voluntarily giving up power. As George III said, "If he voluntarily gives up power, he is the greatest man in history."

Carter: Joke and traitor.

Johnson: FDR in the 60s. And a lying sack of crap to boot.

JFK: lying, no-good, womanizer, but pretty OK on tax cuts and taking on the commies.

James K. Polk: Restricted himself to one term, but he accomplished an extraordinary amount. He expanded the boundries of the US to their present day size. Whipped ass on the Mexicans, straightened out the British and told the Russians to take a hike on California. Not bad for a one term guy.

Andrew Jackson: He was a man-sized hoss who didn't give a damn what anyone thought about him. And talk about someone who didn't take shit.

Just some thoughts.

Hope you are doing better.

Pat Houseworth said...

Leg is slowly healing far as your comments on former the former Prez guys...all I can say is.."Great Minds Think Alike"....:)

FHB said...

You can always figure the intellectuals in the ivy covered towers to come up with a list like that. I like Lincoln, but Washington will always be my #1.

Deborah Wilson said...

Interesting list of Prez's Pat, although mine would slightly differ on the worse 5. But Washington and Jefferson were the best.