Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pop Goes the Basketball Season/more Glenn Beck

Sometimes things just hit with no warning, right out of the blue. Last night it was my turn to get zapped.

I had taken Sam's spot at a Freshman Girls game at Delphos St. Johns last night, he had some stuff to do, so I said "sure"....only one game, they usually last less than an hour, so this would not be a problem....especially since my season was winding for the next 10 days, including some Junior High Tournament games, then I could rest up for baseball, workout a little, and prepare for the March 21st scrimmage openers. It appears that I will have more time to rest and get ready than I wanted.

In the first 1 minute of the game, I turn to make a retreat after a Lima Senior steal of a DSJ pass...and "POP" I feel the pain and heat in my upper calf, just below the knee. I was not sure exactly what it was, but I knew I had a problem. I called time out and talked it over with my partner...I could walk, but not for the next 50 minutes I hobbled up and down the floor, got a wrap treatment from the school trainer at the half....drove the 40 minutes home after the game. I iced and elevated the right leg for the evening...this morning I e-mailed the ADs from the various schools I was scheduled to do...Sam can take my place on the nights/days he doesn't have games, the couple of others, they would need to find a replacement....I am done for the season!

Last year it was my back, late in football season, this time it's my almost 60 year old leg muscles at the end of basketball season...mother nature trying to tell me something? Probably, but I will see what shakes out the next couple of days....if it doesn't get worse, I will rehab it and hopefully be ready for spring baseball...if it gets worse or stays the same, I will call Doc Bergman and see what my other options may be. It has pretty well reduced my walking to a limp, but I don't see the bruising or pain that a Class 3 tear would be( muscle off the ligaments etc)....but it will take a few weeks to heal, thus ending my basketball for the year.....Stay Tuned!

Glenn Beck has become my favorite Radio/TV personality....probably because his life is in someway like mine....I don't agree with all of his policies or opinions, but do see eye-to-eye on most. Beck a couple of years ago, predicted the economic collapse we are about to enter....but not a doom and gloom guy is he....he has faith in the American people, but not the American Government. Rush Limbaugh is good, but he, until the bitter end, said the economy was strong....Rush was wrong, Beck was right, at least in this case.

You owe it to yourself to give Beck a listen from 9AM to Noon (Eastern) or watch his TV show on Fox News Channel at 5Pm Eastern....both are worth the watch or listen...I have not have the chance to see his TV show but a few times, what I have seen is worth the view. Beck's TV show, on Fox since January 19th, already has over a million more viewers than that MSNBC hack Keith Olberman...the hero of the left. Plus Beck is on at 5PM while Olblowaman is in prime that is sweet...left wing hacks like Keith and Jon Stewart are looking up at Beck's ratings.

His web site, if you don't have the time or persuasion to listen or watch, gives you his thoughts:


In other favorite basketball team, Duke, took a 8 point lead over hated rival North Carolina into the half....they went cold in the second half, and with no inside game, they lost 101-87....sitting there with a cold beer and wrapped painful leg, did not make my evening.

Our brief fling with spring came to and end...strong winds, and plenty of rain have given way to sunshine and colder temperatures...yesterday 62, today 40 and colder by the weekend.

back later...........


Cookie..... said...

Been watchin Glenn fer about the last two or three weeks or so and he's become a "Must Watch" in this here hacienda, along with O'Reilly. Sent him a few E-mails as well, one of them yesterday about the old, but true, "How To Catch Wild Pigs". He's probably already seen it, but what the hell, it fits in perfectly with what he's been sayin.

We've definately had the fourth side to the pen built and the gate is slowly being closed, with all the parasites and freeloaders dead in the middle devouring our tax dollars. I seriously wonder if, short of another revolution, if we can ever turn things around for our once great nation.

Sarge Charlie said...

glenn is the man, must see

Sarge Charlie said...

fox needs to move him to prime time

The Lonely Conservative said...

I just love Glenn Beck's show. I watch it while making dinner and the kids even listen to it most of the time. My seven year old agrees with his 9 principles.

Good luck with the knee - hope there's no tear. If there is you better get it taken care of quickly, before the gubment gets involved and says you're too old to deserve treatment. A 57 year old in Canada was denied a hip replacement b/c of his age.

The Lonely Conservative said...

PS-Thanks for the play list. I hung out and listened to George Straight for a bit while working on a project for work:-)