Monday, February 16, 2009

Guitar Hero and other ramblings

Spent the weekend resting up my leg and calf muscle, watching the Duke Blue Devils fall from grace{losing last night to a mediocre Boston College team}, after a rain shortened Daytona 500, which I didn't watch much of...just long enough to see that idiot Dale Earnhart Jr, crash out a dozen other drivers, then get a pass from NASCAR, only because he's the organizations "Golden Child". I've got news for you Budweiser soaked Jr fans...this guy is not his old man....he's not that good. Having said that, I really could care less about NASCAR since Rusty Wallace and Richard Petty left the sport.

I also tried to ignore the Stimulus "Bail Out" on TV...something hard to do. What I can't ignore is the fact that 40% of the population support this bullshit, and 65% still think "The Messiah" is doing a great job.....what a collection of freaking tools. The Republic is heading towards the shitter in a hand basket....a collection of socialist/Marxist programs are on the table, and Obama, Reid, and Nanny State Pelosi are serving the populace a large amount of 'Pork"...will the country choke on it?

Last night youngest son, Hal, came up from Fairborn with tax forms in hand....using the same CPA as we do, he had to drop his paperwork off this morning. He, as usual, dragged his laundry home, and also his XBOX360...with the game "Guitar Hero".... Hal is 25, teaching at Fairborn High School, while finishing up his Masters at Wright State. Well I'm pretty clueless on some video games....while back in my day I was a pin ball wizard....the last couple of times Hal tried to show me how to maneuver "War Games" I sucked....Guitar Hero? Pretty much the same....this game you try to follow guitar or bass licks of your favorites songs. It took me 10 tries to get the easy level of some done...I finally "mastered" a couple of songs, well not really mastered, but completed the easy level...Purple Haze by Hendrix, Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, and Rambling Man by the Allman Brothers, I got through and considered my learning process a reality I stunk. But had a good time trying to figure it out.

Such was my is done, due to my calf muscle tear, and baseball is 5 weeks away from I'm looking for some entertainment for the last few weeks of winter. Or at least for some worthwhile things to get done. Dartball's last regular season games are tonight, and the tournament starts Sunday at Schumm.

Hopefully, I'll motivate myself as the days towards spring go by.....

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photos---Guitar Hero and "Nipit"...the Nipit Aligator Pin Ball game from the early this was the game I became "expert" at during my bar tending days....the newer Video games? Not so much.
Update....guess at least one of the Kids reads this...Hal has informed me via the comment section that he is only 24....I guess that comes from me being only 59 but nearing 60 in 27 days....Hal turns 25 on his grandma's 85th birthday{April 13th}. There things are back to right and the world is orbiting correctly.


Hal said...

Come on now dad, I'm only 24, not 25 for a couple more months. Don't cut me short, let me enjoy being young and in my lower 20's before I hit my mid-20s!

Pat Houseworth said...

Well Shit...let me correct it...

Law and Order Teacher said...

Old age sucks. I am reading over 90 essays on the effects of the Hartford Convention. My thoughts are that we may need another one to show the government that We the People are still boss. I posted on it today.

It's nice that your son can still care about one year. At our age they all melt into one.

Hope you are well. I suspect you aren't the best patient. Just a thought.

Shrinky said...

Ha! You were simply testing Hal out, weren't you, to see if he really reads this stuff?

Sorry to hear about your injury, it sounds painful, hope it is soon on the mend. I've never played guitar hero, but I've joined in on a few games with the kids on Nintendo Wii.. the only way I can win is to cheat, and I am a rotten loser (grin).