Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day and Obama's Weak Knees

The father's Day weekend was hot and mostly dry in west Central Ohio...Sam and I did a Friday night American Legion game with me behind the plate, a 5-3 win for Van Wert at home against Lima...2 hour 15 minute game that went without a hitch...the storms in the area stayed in Indiana and by-passed did rain overnight. Sam headed off to Michigan, Ypsilanti area, for softball over the weekend, while I stayed home with Patricia and Anissa until about 6pm when we headed to Antwerp, Ohio, for my Uncle Jack DeVore's 80th birthday celebration...folks in the family from as far away as Wilmington, Delaware, showed up. Jack is mom's youngest brother and my only surviving aunt or uncle from either side of the family. He is a great guy, albeit a life long Democrat and Union supporter...if we stick to family and sports talk we get along great....politics? Not so much...but we avoided the political talk and had a great time for a couple of hours with about 100 or more other folks.

Sunday was Father's Day____

My Dad, Stan Houseworth passed away at age 55 on Christmas Eve 1972....I was 23, so I had the chance to know him and observed him until I was an adult, he was by all accounts a good guy. Dad was the fisherman and jack of all trades in the family, mom was the disciplinarian and the steady job worker....I can see both sides of that duo, especially in my later years. I can just imagine what the old man would say about the Obamanation presidency, it would probably make my comments look tame.

Hal called early to wish me "Happy Father's Day", Sam had given me his present...a pair of tickets for the Fort Wayne Tin Caps(formerly Wizards) Class A Baseball team in the Midwest League...the Tip Caps have moved into their new stadium early this season, and the new digs I have not seen yet, Patricia and my tickets are for August 6th....and I am looking forward to the new park.

The first place TinCaps home is here:

I went to Church with the women, and after I headed to Minster for a Father's Day double header between the home team and Fort luck(good again)would have it, the games were a quickie, with the total time of games and intermission being around 3 1/2 hours....a pretty good pay day that didn't last all that long, given the humidity, that was a good thing....I worked the game with Wayne from Sidney. Wayne is a great guy and a fellow Vietnam Veteran. I must say however my service pales to his. Wayne was with the 25th Infantry in 1968-69 and fought near the DMZ. He received 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars, and a Silver Star for his actions....He is a true American fighting hero, and a pretty good umpire. Like me, Wayne was eligible for the State Finals.

When I returned home, I was surprised to find 2 new porch chairs...Father's Day presents from Anissa and all in all, I had a good Father's Day. I finished the day off with a cigar and a few beers, then watched my favorite(and only one that I watch) Reality Show..."Ice Road Truckers" on the History Channel.

Our Gutless Leader_____

Kenyan born Barack Hussein Obama continues to show that he isn't ready for prime time. Not only has our Illegal President put us on the fast track to Socialism, Marxism, and Bankruptcy, he continues to bow down in chicken shit rhetoric in the face of Islamic Terrorists. The latest example:

While the world demands that Iran stop murdering it's citizens on live Television, Barack takes the keep low and keep kissing Iranian President I'm A NutJobs ass, along with the Assaholas in charge. Bottom Line: Obama is one gutless sonofabitch. The Chicago Street Pimp who is running the show in DC, is a shallow punk in the face of Muslim extremism. Should anybody be surprised? I think not.

Now, in all honesty, it doesn't matter in the long run who is in charge in Iran....the NutJob or some other Islamic Sock Putter that the Assahola picks...but the fact that our half baked leader doesn't have the guts to speak out, says more about him and the American voters that elected him, than it does about Iran.

Iran is going to have to be dealt with, it will probably take Israel to do it, because with Obama in charge, the US doesn't have a leader with the balls to handle the task.

The week ahead_____

Storms continue west of us, but so far we have been spared the brunt of most of the severe stuff. We will see how that shakes out, I see a batch of Thunderstorms just 60 miles to our west, but they appear to be moving south of us for now. A complete schedule of games, from ACME to American Legion to summer College Baseball are on my schedule...with only this Friday open for the rest of June.

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Photos-The New Father's Day Chairs.... Stan Houseworth with his 100 pound "Jew fish" caught off the North Jetties in Nokomis, Florida in 1956, and the Tin Hats Logo. And our fear-full leader, The Obamanation as he really is....he puts the San Diego Mascot to shame, nobody does chicken better than Barry.


Shrinky said...

Those chairs look so inviting!

PRH....... said...

They be real comfortable...especially when a breeze blows through the porch on these warm summer days.

Deborah Wilson said...

Gotta love those chairs!

Well, my little internet break is over - I've had 6 months to observe -

Here is what I think about Obama and the situation in Iran:

Me thinks he SHOULD be quiet. If, in fact, the Iranian elections were rigged - why should Obama have anything to say after the actions of Acorn and his refusal to release his birth certificate, college records and passport records. It would be a joke and make America look stupid if it is discovered that he is not eligible for the White House.

FHB said...

Comfy chairs for the old dude... very nice. Bet they make sittin' on the porch and smokin' one and even better experience.

FHB said...

And, what Deborah said. What right do we have to complain about a shitty election after this latest scam of ours?

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