Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Passing of Phil Lange 1932-2009

The Hot and Humid weather continues...kind of early for this type of weather, but I've seen it before in June. Today is scheduled to be the most brutal...93 for a high with the heat index nearing 100. Garry and I are scheduled for a ACME game at Crestview(Convoy) tonight...I've got the plate duties and it promises to be a warm one. I might have to have a few beers when I get home.
Phil Lange 1932-2009____

I posted a story back on May 1st about my old NCOIC{Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge} Phil Lange sending me some items from our time at Nha Trang:

At that time I did not realize just how serious Phil's health situation had become. I received an e-mail from Phil's son Paul about a week and a half ago to notify me that Phil's cancer had spread and that Hospice had been called in. Phil would spend his remaining time at home in New Hampshire with his wife, who is also undergoing cancer treatment, and family.

Paul had a request from his father for me....He would like to pay for me as a gift of friendship, a life time membership into the Vietnam Security Police Association{VSPA}:

Phil and I had met up 30 years removed from Nha Trang, RVN, back in 1999 through the pages of the VSPA Bulletin Board:

I of course accepted the honor to go along with the gifts from Nha Trang that Phil had sent me back in late April.

It is with great sadness and honor that I report the death of AF Security Police retired veteran, New Hampshire college professor, and my friend, Phil Lange 1932-2009. Paul Lange informed me that his father and best friend had passed away peacefully last night at 7 o'clock in New Hampshire.

Paul has other items, photos, etc, that he needs to go through, along with the upcoming services in New Hampshire....I have other stories, and photos I will share on this blog later on.

May your journey have just began old friend...Good bye for now.
Phil Lange Life Member #154 VSPA gifts to Pat Houseworth Life Member #575...Thanks for everything Phil.

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Photos-the gifts from Nha Trang that my old boss with the 14th Security Police Association had sent me...QC(Crossed Pistols) Patch that Air Force SPs wore in Vietnam, A regulation Security Police/Air Police Badge from the 1960s, we wore these both stateside and in Vietnam, and a genuine flag from the South Vietnam Republic.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Nice post Pat. He will be remembered and missed. Hand Salute.

Anonymous said...

I guess you're in the same boat I am. Getting to the age where a lot of good friends are passing away. Some days I hate to open my email.

FHB said...

That was a beautiful post. The frame job was wonderful. I'm sure he'd love it.

joe houseworth said...

Pat, I have been reading your research on the Houseworth family. I'd like to get some info from you; my grandfather, Rittman Wayne Houseworth Sr. moved his family (Alice, sons RW Jr, Norman and David) to Eureka CA in the late 30s or early 40s. My dad (RW Jr.) was born in Medina OH 7/15/1931. His grandfather on the Houseworth side was named Norman. Can you point me in the right direction? My email is or