Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Up on the Roof

Finished up my game with Sam at Delphos just before 8 last night...headed down I-75 towards Dayton, where I met up with Hal and the women at the Troy-Covington Exit. Seems the girl's plane was running about 30 minutes late, so I probably could have picked them up without putting Hal out, but he had some legal papers to sign that I had brought along anyway...we had a good food/poor service meal at the local Troy Shake N' Steak...it was past 10:30 before he headed south and we turned the van north towards Celina...finally got in bed about 1am.


My sleep was interrupted at around 6:30 by the hammering of nails, and the sound of lumber being ripped and slate shingles being torn....The Amish Crew had arrived and had began work on putting new shingles and undercover on the main section of the house{the front porch was done 2 years ago, and the kitchen about 5 years ago}.

Seeing the stuff crash and dust up the east side of the house{west side is next}, it made me glad that I have not started the paining project just yet. The major fly in the ointment will be the weather{what else?} for the next 4 or 5 days....a 60% chance of daily storms is in the forecast now, through Friday, with still a chance on Saturday.

I've never been a big fan of climbing heights, although I have on occasion. I usually take the latter to the lower roof and porch areas while painting the exterior and even hang on the ladder while painting the upper portions of the house. However, climbing to the top roof area is a "not gonna happen" for me. As you can see by the photos however, the Amish work crew does it in stride. Some 30 feet up with no catch guards or foot supports is not something I plan on doing....my hats off to these guys.

Game tonight at Celina...heading off to catch a nap before I have to get ready.

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Photos-Day #1 of the Amish Shingle Project.


Ron Simpson said...

Are Amish roofers as cheap or cheaper than the illegals we have doing it around here? If so, I say we need to import some Amish into Oklahoma.

PRH....... said...

Pretty reasonable(shingles, spouting, removal of slate, etc, less that $5500....I wouldn't let anybody hiring or using illegals near my place.

The Amish work their asses off, in min June in 90 degree heat with humidity to match, cannot be fun.