Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time To Take it To the Streets?

Got into the 6th inning last night before we 'shut it down' due to the rain. The showers never got heavy, but the artificial turf got dangerously wet, and the dirt/clay pitchers mound was becoming slippery when Larry the Home Plate Ump decided to call the game with Celina up 14-8 over Parkway in Junior ACME action...the coaches and I agreed, and we headed home. I went to bed around Midnight, and once again was awoken about 6:45 by the sound of our Amish work crew on the roof. The sun has come out, but there is still a chance of showers, increasing as we head towards the weekend....gonna be one of those summers it appears.

Protesting 1960s style___

I have to admit, even at a young age(late teens early 20s) I despised the protest marches of the 1960s and early 70s. Those were not my kind of people... the same ages, more or less, but these folks were hard core sheep that were being pulled down the streets by their socialist, Marxist, and Civil Rights leaders. I was and am a Conservative Midwest Guy. They stood for everything I hated, and still dislike. Draft Dodgers, Commies, Racist Civil Rights leaders, haters of the troops, and Marxist Professors.

I do however have to admit on thing....They were effective...whether is be so called Civil Rights issues, or for those poor innocent Viet Cong Freedom Fighters(biggest line of BS ever), these people got their acts together and brought about real change. Not the kind of phony change Barack Insane Obama is bringing about. That change is forced change, forced by a zealot and the Government he wants to wield power over. A zealot that has his sights set on the destruction of the USA and our Republic.

This naturally brings up the question. Is it time for real Americans, Conservative, freedom of Speech, freedom of thought, freedom to carry personal protection(you know, the 2nd Amendment?), Americans to do their own 1960s style protests? The so called Silent Majority have always been slow to anger and protest....I am thinking it may be time to get off our collective asses. Yes, the Tax Day Tea Parties were a success, despite be ignored by much of the media, except Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio.

July 4th has been set by more "tax/tea parties"...I'm not sure if that will work over a holiday...we will see. One thing is for sure, we "Real Americans" better do something to wake ourselves up, or it will surely be to may already be.

I know the phrase "Real Americans" pisses much of the left off...and I use it for that purpose. "Real Americans", meaning, citizens of this country, legal citizens willing to defend the Constitution, willing to stand up and fight our illegal, Kenyan born Dictator-in-waiting who currently sits on his throne in the White House. Those Americans willing to stand up and say "no" to Nancy Pelosi, tell David Letterman to "Shut the Hell up Pervert", and tell the 3 major networks, CNN and MSNBC to go to Hell.....the rest of you are pretenders, you are fake Americans. Don't like it? Tough Luck! You are what you are....The Enemy of freedom, my freedoms, and in fact, your own freedoms.

Biking across the country_____

An acquaintance of mine from nearby Versailles, Ohio, is taking a bike trip across America. Tony is my age, 60...a former football player with the University of Toledo, back in the days when I was running around Vietnam and various Air Bases across this country, and a self made small businessman. Tony is somewhat farther to the left than me, perhaps way farther left. But he is a self made person, and speaks his mind.

What is on Tony's mind this summer is taking his 60 year old bones on a trip across this country...I think he is undergoing bike repairs out in Missoula, Montana, at this point. He has been Blogging along the way with multiple daily go along for the ride, you can visit Tony here:

or click on the Crazy Tony's Bike link on the right hand side in my favorites for his daily updates.

It's a fun read and ride....I'm just wondering about his mental(already in question) and physical condition when he returns to West Ohio.

It the rain stays away, I'm at Fort Recovery tonight....

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photos-top left, a modern day "protester"/middle, The 1960s/bottom, Tony enters Montana on his biking adventure...follow his trip on the line above.


Mr. Grey Ghost said...

I'm not against Tea party protests on the 4th of July, if the major pundits on the Right endorse it enough, people will show up.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on attending one. I don't really have much hope that it will help with the Dims so firmly in control of all the levers of power, but it beats sitting home and being pissed off.