Thursday, June 4, 2009

Live from Cairo, The Obama Islamic Terrorist Butt Kissing Tour Part #2

Sunshine is out, albeit a little cool....Time for this old soldier to get out and do some work. So I leave you with my thoughts on the Obama Islamic Ass Kissing Tour:

Hopefully our Kenyan born Illegal Prez will like Egypt so much, he will take up residence on a permanent basis.

That's the short and not so sweet comment for today...gotta hit the garage, fire up the mower, then get the back of the house ready to paint, baseball at 6:30 on the local diamond.

Guess that covers it?

Back later>>>>

1 comment:

BRUNO said...

Enjoy the cool---I've a feeling it'll be short-lived!

Or, after I'm finished with 'em, I can always send a few more of those "toad-strangler" flash-floods, with that quarter-size hail your way again, like last week....!!!