Monday, June 29, 2009

Wrapping up the Weekend...40 Years Ago Today

Spent the weekend, mostly at Convoy Crestview, umpiring with Sam, the Sectional Junior ACME Tournament{akin to High School Junior Varsity Baseball}. The heat and humidity Saturday was oppressive to say the least, our double header started at 11am and it was already hot by that time...Saturday night a front went through, we got no rain, but did pick up a strong west wind that stayed with us through out the games on Sunday, making the conditions much more bearable.

Now, check the forecast out on the top of this post....June 30th..69 degrees with Showers, July 1st 67 with a possible shower...when was the last time July was ushered in with a high in the 60s in Western Ohio?....I can't remember one, it will be a refreshing change, albeit a short one, from the past week of heat and humidity.

JackO and the Media____Especially Fox News

As one of my readers mentioned in her comments on Friday's Blog....What the Hell was Fox News doing covering Michael Freaking Jackson 24/7 after he assumed room temperature? The House of Representatives were passing{with 8 Republicans help} a massive Cap and Trade Bill, that if OKed by the Senate and His Majesty Obama, will send our Utility and Tax rates through the roofs...not that they are not already high beyond belief. Meanwhile the folks in Iran were being slaughtered by their Government while our Asshole-in-Chief Obama, was having a freaking Tiki Pork Roast at the White House, and Fox was covering Michael Freaking Jackson's death.....

Nice going Fox...NOT! I'm a Fox News fan, I can tell you though, with the country going to Hell in a hand basket, why are they covering wall-to wall Michael Freaking Jackson? I have no ideal what CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the Liberal Obama lap dogs were covering, because frankly, they are so biased, they are not worth viewing....But Fox, the channel of most thinking Americans, drops the ball and covers Jackson's death the entire weekend.

40 years ago___

June 29, 1969, I was our drinking a few beers with Bob and Jerry Jones, and some other friends of last Hell raising night before my Vietnam send memory may be a little cloudy, because the 29th was a Sunday, but I do know that last weekend saw plenty of suds downed. I knew what was coming(a Summer Trip to Vietnam), I just didn't know what was coming...I know that's pretty redundant, at least in reverse...but in short, I knew I was heading for Vietnam, but I really wasn't sure what to expect or exactly what I would be doing there.

So June 29th, 40 years ago was my last day before heading across the "pond"....June 30, 1969, was my sendoff day....tomorrow on this blog I will be posting my thoughts on that year as they happened. At least once or twice a week I will take a look at what I was doing 40 years ago. I didn't keep a Diary, but I did take a few photos{many of which I lost} and did plenty of reel-to-reel tapes....I will unlock what I can remember, starting tomorrow, and look back on that year, for the next year, on this blog.

Common Sense by Glenn Beck____

I purchased the audio version of the book last week at Wally World...I went back on Friday to get Patricia the written version of it, both audio and written, were completely sold out. Beck has another best seller on his hand. I spent my baseball runs to Lima and Convoy on Friday and the weekend listening to the book....Beck gets it right about 80% IMO. I guess my failure to give him a higher percentage of agreement is minor. Beck says a new Revolution in America in necessary, but that it must be done without violence, it has to be done by winning hearts and minds. I don't believe that it can be done....the American Media, and Education System is so far embedded with Socialists, Marxists, and Progressives, that we will never be able to change enough minds or take back our children and grandchildren from those that are ruining this once great Republic. It will take a real 1775 Revolution to take the country I calling for one? Hell, I'm not that dumb...the Obamanation wants folks like me, and probably you, to call for an overthrow of them so they have a reason to come after us....I'm not going to call for that.

Beck gets most of it right, and the book, selling like Hot Cakes, is worth buying, sharing, and most of all, reading.

Tomorrow my look at my year in Vietnam begins....

Back Later>>>>

Photos-End of June, start of July, in the 60s??? I'll believe that when it happens. (2) Bob Jones and me, on the night of June 24, 1968...the night before I left for Amarillo Air Force Base in Texas for Basic year later both Bob and I would be in or getting ready to head for Vietnam, him on a boat in the South China Sea, me playing Air Force Cop at Nha Trang on the South China Sea. Note my skinny 130 pound self and the great outfit of the era, geeze, was I ever that little and able to fit into those size 30 waist, tight assed pants?....(3) My Audio copy of Glenn Beck's "Common Sense"...the books is selling 8 times it's nearest competitor in the first week.


Larry said...

My wife --who watches much more FoxNews than I-- was absolutely livid about all that MJ coverage too, Pat. [My response to all the griping: "Gee -- don't watch then!" Perhaps they were attempting to attract some new CNN, etc eyeballs -- although Drudge is reporting today that "FOX NEWS RECORDS UNPRECEDENTED TOP 10 OUT OF 10 PROGRAMS IN CABLE NEWS FOR 2ND QUARTER... ON PACE TO BE NETWORK'S BEST YEAR EVER."

BRUNO said...

I fully expect our P.O.T.U.S. to erect a damned statue of Wacko Jacko, right there on the "Not Quite As White" House lawn! No, I'm serious! Gawd, with the coverage, you'd think the Chief Exec himself had croaked!(Stop it, Pat! Behave yourself!!!)

And those damned polyester-blend PANTS were hot as HELL, when you sat on those fake-leather seat covers that looked, well---so COOL...!

FHB said...

I do remember the penny loafers, but I thought you were supposed to wear socks with them.

And yea, it's too much, the coverage of MJ. Maybe after they plant his ass today it'll subside a bit.