Monday, June 1, 2009

Wall Clouds/GM Goes Under/So Does Tiller the Killer

I woke up this morning with Anissa and Patricia already awake, and sunshine streaming through the windows....the glimmer of sun was short lived. By 7:30 the Radar was showing a large wall of red(indicating heavy rain) heading towards west central Ohio in a a hurry being a 40 mph 8:15 the storm was upon us and I stepped outside and snapped a couple of photos of the approaching "wall cloud" with rain and some hail to follow.
The first batch has passed, Celina received the small pea sized and a little larger hail stones, while other areas reported nickel and dime sized damage thus far, but more storms are heading our way...and that may last through Wednesday.

What this is likely to do is cancel my double header this afternoon at Convoy...the first games of my summer season are likely to get washed out, and to tell the truth, I am(washed out that is) not really ready for the summer season...sure, once it starts(today or later), I will slide into things OK, but for now, a rain out might not be too bad.

Congratulations Tax Payers, you now own 2/3rds of GM____

So you really didn't think our illegal, African born, bastard President, was a Marxist? I've got YOU own most of both GM and Chrysler. Do you really want to buy a car produced by the Government and the UAW? Lots of luck with the warranty on those sweet green vehicles. As I previously stated, I am done buying anything made by GM or Chrysler, at least if they are new...they now will be produced by lazy assed UAW workers, with the supervision of none other that our Messiah, Barry Soetoro, the Kenyan American, who sits illegally in the White House.
GM filed bankruptcy this morning, and the American Taxpayer is on the hook for another 60 Billion Dollars, that's on top of what we already gave them. Lots of luck fools, 53% of you voted for this Marxist son of a choke on him.

Tiller the Baby Killer assumes Room Temperature____

In other news of the weekend...Obama supporter, friend of Health and Human Service head Katherine Sibelius, and baby killer, "Doctor" George Tiller was offed at church in Kansas over the weekend.

In this case the ends do not justify the means...but don't expect me to shed a tear for this murdering bastard. In case you are not in the know of Tiller the Killer, he happens to be one of 3 late, late, late, term Abortionists practicing in the USA..guess that is now down to 2. Tiller for a large fee would take you in your 9th month of pregnancy and rip your unwanted burden out of the womb, right up until the minute of birth....nice guy, ey?

So, even though I do not condone the murder of this is one less murdering piece of trash left to commit infanticide on the unborn. I suspect the howls of the anti gun and pro abortion nuts to shriek for more gun control to grow loud, and calls for federal protection of the abortion clinic butchers to grow.

The lights just flickered..again, and I can hear the rumble of thunder in the distance....we are about to get it again, so I will sign off for now.

back later>>>>

Photos-Wall Clouds off my porch this morning...and a bit of pea sized hail from the back yard...albeit a little out of focus. General(now Government) Motors...Rest in Peace indeed. And the recently departed butcher Dr George Tiller....shed no tears for this guy, but shed a tear for the country that allows butchers like this to make millions from the Abortion Industry.


Anonymous said...

I don't feel any sorrow over Tiller. The guy was a murderer. What goes around, comes around.

GUYK said...

Yeah, I agree with hermit...I figure he should have been offed alright but with a short rope...put around his neck by a jury

PRH....... said...

You know what the left is saying guy and Hermit? Folks like us are the real murderers of poor Doc Tiller.

Like you, I feel no sorrow...but be prepared, the left will try using this for more Gun Control and Federal Protection of Abortion Clinics.

Mushy said...

Awesome clouds...I'd been scared!