Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Weekend Ramblings

I finished up my Spring Baseball season with a Regional Game on Friday afternoon....Toledo Christian defeated Hopewell-Loudon 5-1, but then went on to lose the Finals to host Patrick Henry by a 8-4 count yesterday. I took the opportunity to stay at my old horse training buddy Tom's place in Deshler, Ohio, about 2 miles from the High School. We had a good meal, a few or more beers, and I had a chance to visit the horse farm/stables where a dozen or so Trotters and Paces live. A most relaxing place for sure. I headed the 75 miles south after that, got home while Patricia had already started the limb and branch clean-up of the yard. I helped out a little with that brush pile, then hauled out the Chain Saw and proceeded to do a George Washington on one of the Evergreen Trees, an 8 footer that had been affected by an Ice Storm last winter....with the dirty deed done, the result was the pile of limbs, trees, and vines, you see in the photo on the upper left....The City of Celina does brush pick-up on the first Monday of the month in our neighborhood, and hopefully they will get rid of that pile, so we can start on another one for July First.

Blogging Buttheads____

Like the rest of the real world, the world of Bloggers has it's fair share of a-holes and folks that leave you scratching your guy, who I will leave nameless(except for a passing shot at him via first name) as not to give him anymore readers, I had put on my Right Wing-Best of Politics group. The guy was a little hard core, and seemed semi-racist(whatever the Hell that might be?), but I agreed with much of his postings on the political scene. Sure he was a southern fried separatist, but usually an interesting if not complex read. He is always looking for self gratification it seems...he would e-mail asking for comments on his blog(in fairness I have sent out notifications of certain postings of mine, but seldom seek comments, I let those happen if and when the readers wishes). He asks, "Don't e-mail a response, make a comment on the blog so we can comment and all can see".

Well yesterday he was ranting about a store clerk shooting at and eventually killing one of 2 robbers(a jewelry store in Oklahoma I think)...Seems the clerk after shooting one of the crooks, went back and got another gun and plugged the guy laying there 5 more times....the Blooger, albeit it a fan of Guns and the Second Amendment, called it murder, and said the guy should be prosecuted(which he is being for first degree murder)...I disagreed, while not condoning the store clerk's actions, I did not call what he did murder either....well this set off a firestorm on the Blooger site...he managed to erase all I had written(except my original post) thus giving him free rein to bash me and my opinion without leaving my thoughts on the matter on his site(except the original one)...he finally made the grand gesture of "Banning" me for much for this guy's value of other's opinions. So Fred, here is one final "fickle middle finger of fate" award to you....I've got news for you. You are Nuts! You might want to see that shrink before you lose it all together...before long I expect you to be posting "Obama 2012 for Messiah" posts on your blog. That's how far gone you are. You are no Conservative, you are a pathetic excuse of a "Cyber Bully"...and that crap doesn't make it with folks like me.

As the old saying goes, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but not all of us all of the time" . And Fred, the only fool appears to be you.

The Week Ahead_____

I actually have 2 days between spring and summer baseball...even with the State Tournament games ahead this week, locally Coldwater makes their 16th appearance in the State Tournament on Thursday, no rest for the weary. I am back at it Monday afternoon at Crestview for a double header....June is stocked full of games, between ACME and American Legion ball.....I won't be around much...this is the busy month, and I'm really not sure if I'm up to it...but will give it a go!

Back Later>>>>

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

If this is the incident I think it is, a pharmacist was held up in his shop. He shot the perp, who was rolling around on the floor, and the pharmacist ran around the counter and finished him off. You and the fellow you are talking about are not the only ones to have issues over the right and wrong of this. At lunch Friday I expressed the opinion that in a gun fight, it isn't over until it's over. A fellow on the floor can still shoot you. I got stabbed in a fight years ago because I foolishly made the assumption that a guy laying on the ground was no longer a threat and ignored him. However, one of the women I was having lunch with said this was a barbaric attitude and that once down the robber should have been left alone. What the hell, I think your attitude towards mercy for an attacker depends on whether or not anyone has ever come at you with the intent of doing you in. Those who have nearly been whacked are probably less receptive to the concept of mercy.

Shrinky said...

I have never had a gun pointed at me, so I decline to know how I would react under those circumstances - it is easy to judge.

I am amazed your government supplies a free pick up for garden waste, and applaud it! Wish it were the same over here.

I also have had some hate mail as of late, it is sad and tiresome, kind of takes the heart out of blogging, doesn't it? Hugs.

PRH....... said...

My point exactly Hermit...this guy will never rob anyone again. Who is to say if he had survived that he wouldn't be out again in 2 years doing the same thing.

Would I have done what the store keeper did? I don't know, but as Shrinky said, nobody knows for sure how they would react, unless faced with the same.

Yep Shrinky, one of the few things our local government does right at no extra charge...and with my "Jungle" of a yard, I'm glad they do.