Friday, May 15, 2009

The Lawn/Long Day

The Day That Was____

As I typed yesterday about 8AM the rain had just stopped and things were soaked around the area....didn't think much about the chances of getting lawns mowed or baseball tournament games played.

Wrong on both counts...the winds picked up shortly thereafter, and the sun began to shine by 10AM....I rushed over to Mom's and did her lawn about Noon, came home and got ours done by 2:45...just in time to get ready to do the D4 Sectional Finals at Minster.

JS from Geneva, Indiana, was my partner in the double header sectional last night...we are both about the same age, and have been around forever. I did the plate in the first game and it was an intense game back and forth between the host Minster Wildcats and MAC foe New Knoxville...NK came away with a mild upset win, 5-4, a game not decided until the last out. The night cap, once again 2 MAC schools, New Bremen and Fort Recovery...NB got a blast off the FR ace in the bottom of the first to make it 3-0, that pretty much sealed the deal, and the Cardinals came away with a 7-0 shutout to move on to District play at Coldwater next week...the 2 teams coming out of Crestview are still to be decided. Anyhow, by the time all was said and done, I got home at 10:30pm, took a well needed shower, and downed a couple of cold ones.

Tonight Sam and I are scheduled to be at New Knoxville...against Fort Recovery no less. This is a make up league game, that was moved due to the continued rain over the past {game was cancelled due to FR Senior Day and I have picked up another make up game at Elida vs LCC} month...The game will not mean much in the league standings(St Henry and Coldwater have clinched a co-championship), while NK will use the game to practice for the District, and FR is playing out the string...another fly in the ointment...RAIN! is scheduled to be back by afternoon, and again overnight, putting tomorrow's NWC contest at Spencerville in jeopardy as well. Things are looking better for next week, but I see the Weather Channel is hedging it's bet on that as well. What a Spring!!!


(a) The Economy

Chrysler is announcing their dealer closings, about 800, today....the local dealership appears safe...GM is dumping even more than that....wonder why they would wait until a Friday? LOL...of course, that way the ever sleeping Main Stream Media and the American dupes that still love Obama will be sure to ignore the coming "Perfect Storm" that will destroy the American economy....and yes folks the economy is going to be "deep sixed"....when and if it recovers is another question.

Meanwhile the stock market continues to support the "fake" economy, but rising slowly....look for a small rebound, and then the big crash come 2010...this nation cannot stand the coming debt, and we cannot survive Barack Obama's Socialist agenda, financially, the Military, or socially.

(b) Obama at Notre Dame

Barry Soetoro, our African born illegal President, will get an honorary degree after giving his controversial graduation speech at Notre Dame. Mainstream Catholics and other church leaders are up in arms. My question is..Why?

Let's face it...Notre Dame is hardly a "conservative" Catholic fact, other than folks like my uncle and a few million others who still think of Notre Dame as a Religious leaning higher education college, nobody believes that claim. I say ND and true Christians and Catholics have little in common. It like most other universities, is basically a liberal swamp, filled with 80% or more Marxist and far left why be upset that they offer a podium for our Marxist-in-Chief? I know anti-stem cell and anti-abortion protesters will be there in force, I agree with their efforts, but nothing they do is going to change the left leaning landscape at the school in South Bend, Indiana.

More Observations____

Walked outside today...fed the birds and the invading squirrels(who are much more fun to watch and interact with than the flying figures). The flowers are blooming, my 2 dozen sunflowers have popped up through the soil(I'm going outside when I finish this, and plant some "Mamouth Sunflowers" and see how they do as well)....despite getting out when I need to, and officiating some 150 sporting events per year...I am beginning more and more to enjoy the confines of my fenced area of the back yard. Great for beer drinking and cigar smoking.
Today's Photo Shoot___

---The flowers of May begin to come out in full bloom, all these taken from the borders outside the back yard fence...and a shot of the Squirrel/Bird Feeding HQ..a little corn, a little seed, and the morning grub grab begins, rain or shine.

Enjoy The Weekend

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Donald Douglas said...

The blog's looking great, Pat!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Nice look. As for ND, as a life-long Catholic you are right, I ceased to think of ND as a Catholic university long ago. The priest who run it are lefties in priest garb. They reject the teaching of the Church and I don't know why they stay in the church. Obama doesn't need to be speaking at ND, but they are pimped to him. Disgusting.

Sarge Charlie said...

I love you flowers my friend, that looks like it could be a pot plant at the base of the tree.

we are in deep dodo with our new auto company leadership.

PRH....... said...

Hey Sarge...if that's a pot plant at the tree, those little tree rats(squirrels) will be falling out of the Maple Trees...should be fun to watch. :)

PRH....... said...

Don and Steve...Thanks for stopping by, and Steve, we agree on ND....Is there a Consevative or even moderate Republican speaking at any college or university this graduation season?

I think not! None want to put up with the far left loon protests that would happen....the tolerent far left, is the most intolerent group of assclowns on Planet Earth.

PRH....... said...

And Sarge...those "Pot Plants" are really Raspberry Bushes...they are growing like weeds...have transplanted and given many away over the past couple years.....we get a few good quarts each summer.

Larry said...

"Chrysler is announcing their dealer closings, about 800, today....the local dealership appears safe."Pat, the closest to me -- a Jeep, Chrysler Dodge dealer about 1.8 miles away -- was ranked No. 1 in Illinois for total sales last year. They sold 1,399 vehicles last year, making it first in the state for total sales among Chrysler dealers and second in the Midwest. The general manager just said they've been selling cars all along and will have to add employees soon to keep up with demand. My 2005 Grand Caravan -- a/k/a the "Silver Bullet" -- has a big grin on her beautiful face. Me to.

Anonymous said...

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