Friday, May 8, 2009

Boycott Chrysler/GM/UAW and Federal Intervention of the Auto Industry

I managed to get the game at Minster in yesterday despite rain early and then another overnight downpour....was a mess it has been since the first week of April....and it appears we may get some more this afternoon, before a couple of days of dry weather. This has been the worst wet weather spring I can remember since mind may be a little cloudy, but it seems that was the last time we have had continued weeks of rain like this...guessing when it does dry out, we will get a long stretch of dry weather....but a guess that is.

Tonight GM and I are back at Delphos to do a NWC game between Jefferson and Columbus permitting. Sam will be on the other side of Delphos, for a JV game with St. Johns and Fort Recovery. We are going to need some sunshine and wind, and for the 30% rain/storm chance to stay away, to get those in.

Tomorrow Sam and I for the second straight year have been assigned the Division 4 Sectional Tournament at Bascom and Hopewell-Loudon High School. Originally we were to do the finals, but with the rain, things have switched a bit, and we will have the opening games tomorrow at Noon...hopefully the weather will cooperate. Bascom is almost 100 miles to the northeast of Celina, so it's a trip, but the game fees and mileage money make it worthwhile.

The next 2 plus weeks we will spend doing regular season league make-up games and backlogged rainouts...I also will have 3 District Tournament games in Division 3 @ Elida....and finish up my spring schedule at Patrick Henry with a Regional D4 contest there. My old buddy Tom now trains horses outside of Hamler, where PH is located, so I will probably spend the night at his place on the 28th....and drive home in the AM....downing a few brews and BSing in between.

I will sneak the Mesick, Michigan, Annual Mushroom Hunt in between games...although with the District final, I will not be going up until Saturday May 23rd, rather than the 22nd as previously planned....Rick and his boys will head up a day doubt picking all the "rooms" and leaving me with beer to drink and cigars to smoke...Oh' Well, somebody has to do the dirty work.

Boycotting GM/Chrysler and the UAW_____

Yesterday I mentioned that I do not plan on buying another car, at 60, hopefully I won't have to. Between the 1995 Intrepid, the 98 Jeep Wrangler, and the 1977 Buick, I should be able to do make them last until my driving(breathing) days are done. Patricia and the boys won't be so lucky...they will all 3, without a doubt, have to buy vehicles in the next 2 or 3 years. As I asked my wife yesterday, "Do not buy GM or Chrysler". Since all 6 of our family cars, 3 Chrysler Products and 3 General Motor Products, are made by those 2, it won't be easy...but I've never been a slave to any of the big 3 or the foreign manufactures anyway, so it will not be impossible.
"Ford(UAW worker alert), Toyota, or Honda", I asked her....hopefully the boys will follow suit...why? Well since you asked.

Anybody with a brain knows that our foreign born illegal President and his DC henchman have built a straw dog with the bail out of both GM and Chrysler(not to mention the Banks)....The Feds and the corrupt UAW now are majority owners of Chrysler, and GM later. If you buy a Chrysler product, the US Government is backing you warranty...nice! The standards of quality assurance will be garbage, like everything else the Feds stick their noses in(wait until health care passes). This straw dog is designed to do one thing...keep Obama's slave like union workers happy and with benefits...the cars and service will be junk. But the UAW gerbils will have their benefits and some jobs, and plenty of money to hand out to left wing Democrat candidates.....That is all you need to know!

Boycott Chrysler and GM!

And yes I have family that have worked for GM for a lifetime and family members still on the retiree payroll at GM....but the country and it's survival come first...right now we are at odds with the Obama Administration and his supporters for the soul of America...I can only do my part in the battle, and that will be to never buy another product produced by these 2 automakers or anything built by UAW workers.
Enjoy the Weekend.
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Photos-I love cars, I love Jeeps, and it pains me to know, I will never buy a another one produced in the Obama era UAW...Patricia and our 1976 Jeep Cherokee at the Hocking Hills in the fall of 1977, and me when I purchased the 98 Jeep Wrangler back in 2002...this was my "vehicle" when delivering RVs around the country...I have put many a mile on it, both driving and towing it behind the behemoth's still running pretty good today.


Larry said...

Hey, Pat, I drove my 1987 Grand Caravan for over 17 years. It can be done.

Anonymous said...

I have three Jeeps. I don't guess I will be buying anymore, because I think Jeep will just disappear. Jeeps last a long time though, so I won't have to worry about it for ten years or more.

GUYK said...

I usually trade pickups every three to four years. But my 2006 Red Ram only has 36000 miles...I am 67 years old and I figure it will last as long as I do. If I do buy another vehicle it will be a small rice burner...made in Japan or maybe Korea and not by the UAW

Trish said...

Always bought Chrysler products, Dodge in particular. I have a 2003 Stratus right now, when it goes, I don't know what I'll do! But there will never ever be a Prius in my driveway!

lizcor68 said...

My family has bought GM since my Grandparents in the 30s. I was on Oldsmobile man till GM uncerimoniously dumped the name, then I was Pontiac. Now that the UAW has destryed the company and Obama has given it to them as a reward NEVER again will I buy GM. My Mother said and did the same by purchasing a new Ford. I am in the market for a new car also. Since Ford didn't partake in the feast of government $$$$ giveaway ,Ford here I come. Just don't pull a GM, or you'll lose us too.

PRH....... said...

lizcor68...Hey I know where Rothschild is...used to live in the Wausau area...and worked in radio at WRIG in Wausau and WJMT in Merrill.

My daughter was born in Wausau in 1979...thanks for stopping by.

Nancy Harris said...

And was it really the best way to “save” the auto industry?