Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's with Blogger?/Hal's New York Trip

Another sunny day yesterday before the rains moved into Western Ohio this morning....this looks like an all-day event, off and on, which will wash out games and move Sectional Finals back...the regular season games lost today will push the end of the spring season back even farther. Some games will not get made up at all. Looking ahead really no dry periods in store for us...including the District openers next Thursday, this is really starting to suck for all. Hopefully the Weather Channel folks are wrong(Again!), it won't be the first time.

Last night Sam and I headed for Convoy and did a regular season game with Crestview and visiting Antwerp...the home team Knights came out on top by a 10-1 score. Tonight I am scheduled to be at Lima Perry for a Sectional Final...but right now that is looking pretty "iffy" with the weather moving in, and probably sticking around. The Coach/AD just called and said he would keep me informed of the weather situation at Perry High School.

Blogger Sux!_______sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Google's Blogger...but at times it can be frustrating. Take yesterday for example, I was writing a blastful, semi lunatic, rant about Florida politics, queer warriors, and the treatment of Miss California, by the NBC rump ranger Keith Oldblowaman and others, but found out I could not add photos from my files or document sections...well Hell, I put it in the save box, got to reading it last night and dumped the whole damn thing...some of the comments were even to radical for me.

So blogger sucks...but this time it ended up by me not posting something I would have probably dumped anyway...chalk up one for the Blogger Nerds.

Hal in New York_____

Last Thursday Hal and his girl friend flew out of Columbus(after their Dayton flight was cancelled) to New York City...I'm not sure if it was Lisa's first trip there, but it was our youngest ones for sure.

The took in the game at the new Mets Stadium on Friday...and as luck would have it, another area product from Defiance was the starter for the Mets...Jon Niese from the Bulldog class of 2004 pitched well...he joins former teammate Chad Billingsley in the Majors. Chad tosses for the LA Dodgers and is now the ace of that staff. This gives me 2 pitchers that I have umpired High School games for in MLB. Hal never faced Niese, but they were opponents when Hal was a Senior at Celina and JN was a Sophomore at Defiance.

They took in Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, and other sights while there. As I told Hal, they need to enjoy this time...I've been around the city, but never downtown or is it uptown? The got there sight seeing in and flew back on Sunday afternoon. I would do some photos of the trip, but not sure really how to get them from somebodies "facebook" to this blog. Maybe later down the road.

The Obama Economy____

Finally...Is anybody really paying attention to what the Hell is going on in Washington? I think not!

99 Trillion Dollars is the shortfall that faces our country regarding Social Security and Medicare...$99 Trillion, you gotta be freaking kidding me? 99 Trillion Dollars in promises that cannot be paid for...the population is growing old, freeloaders are invading our shores, and we have an Non-American Kenyan sitting in the White House playing President.

The country has gone mad...and 60% still love Obama.

You people are idiots, morons, halfwits, etc...America as a Republic is with it, I have, and you soon will too.

back later>>>
photos-America's Illegal Kenyan born President burning through the cash...and the founding father of our country might be weeping or he might be trying to climb out of his grave so he can arrest and execute the son of a bitches that are destroying the republic.

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