Thursday, May 14, 2009


The rains began just after the Noon Hour yesterday and were still going strong at 8AM this morning...major downpours off and on throughout the evening and overnight...I know Patricia and I were awaken by one Hell of a lighting pop about 1:30 this morning. She headed downstairs to shut down the computer, and after a couple of minutes she yelled for me to come down and take a look at the radar...quite an impressive site on the computer screen...a major front of multi-color rain bands appeared on the radar...and the rains did come. They have ended for now, but by tomorrow night more on the way....then it looks like things will calm down for next week, or so they say.
My tournament was washed out last night at Lima Perry, with the switches, I am now scheduled to work a Sectional Final Double Header tonight at Minster...however, I am not counting on's going to take a heck of a lot of sun and wind to dry anything out today. I'm not going to Vegas with those odds. My schedule is pretty full until the Mesick Mushroom days from May 23rd to May's back home for the Regional at Patrick Henry, then the summer ACME and American Legion schedule begins...hopeful that it will be about 80 with low humidity and no rain for June...FAT CHANCE!


As you can see, I have changed the layout of the blog...part of being bored. I have also decided to go a little different direction in my posting. Of late I have been all over the place and frankly the stuff I have been writing sucks. Boring, repetitive BS, that has no flow or soul. It seems I sit here for an hour or more typing stuff that doesn't even hold my interest for 5 minutes, I cannot expect it to hold a complete stranger or friend's interest for 5 seconds.
So changes it will be...a little personal stuff, a little humor, a little politics, a few daily photos, and a look at my past life. The posts will be shorter, and I will try to do it at least Monday through Friday when I'm home or have something to say....the weekend posts will be only if I feel what I am typing is worth sitting down on a Saturday or Sunday to do it...We will see if that shakes things up.

You can bet I will continue to talk sports, daily views of politics and news, and will do it with on politically correct can count on me bashing our President and his henchman in Washington, bashing Islamics, and the left leaning talking heads in the media. A blogger friend of mine asked me when I made a comment on his blog to try "disagreeing without being disagreeable"....No Freaking Way! I will not sugar coat my beliefs or opinions...whether it be war, religion, sports, or politics. Those that don't like my style or view can just click off the blog or post.
I will continue to "Say What I Mean, and Mean What I Say"

Stayed Tuned...Back Later

Photos--This morning's view off my front can see the grass is greening up and the rain has saturated everything in site...including the rock and brick pile from the Old Mersman Factory, that the City of Celina has promised to move, the only thing the leaders of this City can do is raise utility rates, hire consultants, and talk bullshit. I expect that eyesore to be there for the foreseeable future, if it gets moved, I be the first to give them a salute with something other than the usual middle finger. (2) The annual Mesick, Michigan, Mushroom Hunt coming up May 23rd. (3) President Barry Soetoro, you can bet I will continute to bash this Foreign born SOB at every step of the way...Don't like it? Don't read it!


Anonymous said...

I like the way the blog looks but I don't agree that your postings are boring. I've enjoyed reading them.

PRH....... said...

Thanks problem is of late...I just can't seem to focus on what I want to say and how to go about it.

We all have "bumps" in the road, I just want to get back on track...they new look and the new content blocks may help.

Larry said...

OK, Pat, what kind of "progress" are we making across the street with all that dirt? Section 8 apartments? New Wally World? Fill-us-in!

PRH....... said...

Section 8 Apartments is close Larry...the plan is for "Medium Income" and Elderly Housing....Code Words for Welfare Castle.

At least they will be built on the other side of the area...this side(with the bricks), at least for now, will remaing unbuilt on...I'm hopeful of dying off before anything gets built. :)