Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post #500 and the Lost Weekend

I've just about reached the end of my rope with Google and Blogger. As luck would have it, my 500th post, this very post, ends up being a bitch session(or it could be) about the half assed/piss poor way Google and Blogger work, or better yet, don't work. But first things first.

The Lost Weekend_______

Nick decided to go with me to the Regional Final at Elida on Saturday, we would meet up with Clint, and after the Coldwater vs Marion Local Championship game we would head north to Mesick, Michigan, to meet up with Rick and Sons for our annual Mushroom Hunt for Morels. After Coldwater defeated it's county and league rivals 9-0 to secure the Division 3 District crown...I got dressed met up with Nick, looked around for Clint, no Clint...so checked my phone calls...Rick had called and let us know that the National Forest south of Mesick(where they have camped for years) was totally infested with "inch" worms...if you have ever seen this mess, you know you can't camp, walk, or do anything without being covered with poop, slime, and paste from these things...they had cancelled and were moving north about an hour towards Boyne City and Boyne Falls in hopes of finding a better spot. Phone coverage was spotty and I left him a message.

Rick had apparently gotten with Clint and Clint decided not to take the trip because of the problems with worms and the extra miles....I was beat from the game, and the extra hour(making a after Midnight arrival a probable happening) we decided to kill the trip ourselves and headed home to Celina....a major disappointment considering we plan this thing out a year in advance. But home it was...Hal had arrived with his girlfriend Lisa just before I headed to the game, and they were still there when we returned....got a chance for a little talk, a meal, and I parked my butt outside when they left. The rest of the night was Miller Lite, a couple of Cigars, and lamenting if I made the right decision not to go.

Talked with Rick on Sunday, they had found a good spot, and had collected over 100 Morels....so it seems next year, a new spot might have been found...if my mind and body hold out, I will give it a go....depending on baseball tournaments and weather factors. This year was a disappointment to say the least.

Spring Baseball Winding Down_____

With the Coldwater victory over their league rivals, The Flyers from Marion Local...I am down to one very big baseball game for the spring. That one will take place this Thursday(weather permitting, Friday rain date), when our crew that did the District at Elida, move on to Patrick Henry High School and do the opening game of the Division 4 Regional between Hopewell Loudon and Toledo Christian...don't know a lot about the Toledo school, but did do the Sectional at H-L with Sam, although the host school was not in the games we did there. Hopewell stands at 23-3 on the year. The game begins at 2pm, while up there I will hook up with my old buddy Tom, who now trains horses in the Deshler area(just down the road from PH High School)...and will probably have a beer or two after the game with him...may end up crashing at his place, and coming home in the morning. Will see how I feel and what plans Patricia may have. She is now done with classes at school, but does have some in service things to do before her and Anissa fly to Wisconsin around the 10th of June.

Summer baseball, American Legion and ACME, begin June 1st for area teams...that will keep me and Sam busy through June and July before taking another break before Football season begins.....In the meantime..........

Housing "Projects"____

Patricia noticed some edges on our main roof were looking a little ragged....so today the Amish Builders who fixed our porch roof a couple of years ago, came over to check it out....we could patch or we could take out the decades old slate shingles on the main roof and replace them....will wait for the estimates, but I gotta believe a few thousand dollars are going to be required to make these repairs. One good set of shingles should take care of the entire main section for the rest of my life I'm guessing...although I hate to see the slate shingles go...they, while not pretty, last forever. It's not the slate, it the 86 year old wood beneath them.

Meanwhile I've got the ladders out, the paint cans ready, and will begin painting the sides, edges, and trims, over the next month....I have about 4 gallons of the basic green I use on the house, will get mixed and buy another 5 gallon can. A gallon or 2 beige for the trim, and another gallon of red for the small trim should do the trick. I also have some Ivy to take out, and a couple of evergreen trees to take down....between that and baseball, my summer until August vacation is pretty well spoken for.

So that is it for Post #500...This blog began in late July 2007...how long it will go, and how often I post will depend on a couple factors.

(1) What the Hell is up with Blogger and Google, I do not have the patience or time to waste waiting on them.

(2) How tired, sore, or bored I am working on the housing projects, and from 90 degree baseball games and double headers.

(3) If I feel what I am posting is worthwhile.

Tomorrow, I will add some photos of the work needed done at the homestead.

Back Later>>>>

photos-The Flowers are going great guns around the fenced back yard....Ol' wait...Blogger is working halfassed as of 8:15am Wednesday....so the flower photos go up. By "halfassed" I mean it allowed the 3 photos shown to update, but not the rest I had planned....go figure?

UPDATE[All-in-All Blogger is still really a mess, at least from this feed, others not having problems, but many are...I also see quite a few Blogs have been deleted by Blogger, back up plans are ready and waiting]

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