Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Water Photos from the past

Not much going on...waiting for the rains to move back in from the south...which it appears they will.

I could bitch and moan about what is happening to our country under the so-called "leadership" of Barry Soetoro Obama...but plenty of time to do that in the coming days...or as I see them as "The coming final days" of this once great Republic....

Got our game in last night, a quick league game in the Western Buckeye League...Shawnee over St. Marys by a 4-0 count.
Living and Vacations by the Water______

I have lived much of my life near the the Gulf of Mexico when growing up in Venice, Florida....and near the largest inland lake in Ohio, Grand Lake for most of my adult life...vacationed near the water many times and spent 6 months of my 12 month tour in Vietnam stationed on the South China Sea at Nha Trang Air with that I will end this Wednesday's post with a few photos from the water I've been around:

Top: Sun Setting over the Venice(Florida) South Jetties, I fished off this point many times in my youth in south Florida(1954-1963). (2) The Beach at Nha Trang South Vietnam in July 1969...looking out at Hon Trey Island (3) A solorized photo of me standing on the shore at Waikiki Beach Hawaii on R&R in April 1970. (4) Standing in shallow water off the beach at Higgins Lake, Michigan, in September 1976. (5) Looking at the boat and sunset off the Pier at Key West, Florida, in August 1997. (6) Lake Tagamung, northern Ontario, Canada, on our fishing trip in September 1995.
enjoy...back later>>>>


Trish said...

Wow, great pictures! Thanks for that, and for this blog!

PRH....... said...

Thanks Trish for your continued support!