Monday, May 18, 2009

A Look at the Weekend past and the Coming Week Ahead

Yesterday I took the opportunity to post a rare Sunday writing about our Pro Late Term Abortion/Anti Torture Prez and his visit to Notre Dame. Only a far left assclown would support murder at the moment of birth, but be against waterboarding sonsabitches, who worship a pedophile.

But I deleted it...not because of what it said, but how I said it...As much as I have little use for Notre Dame and most liberal universities, whether private or slam probably clouded the lines between true Catholics and the likes of the "fake" Catholics and Christians that follow/worship "the one".

Anyway, Obama got his speech in, 40 patriots, fighting for the rights of the unborn, were arrested, and the world moved on. You need to take a look no further than the "mug shot"{above top left} of our illegal Kenyan born President than to know what a swami assed punk he really is. Looking all the while like he thinks.."Here I am America, I am your savior, more popular than Jesus Christ, I am". What an arrogant asshole this Chicago street trash is. But arrogance doesn't make one cool or smart, and this guy is neither.

The Weekend_____

Friday night I worked a 4 man umpire crew at Elida...first time in my career. They work 4 man crews at the state tournament level, but seldom any other time. Saturday I headed to Spencerville and did a late season NWC we finished the bottom of the 7th, in a Columbus Grove 9-0 win over the host team, the skies opened up and another round of rain hit us hard. But we got the game in, and the weekend continued dry after the 1 hour downpour. Sunday I basically sat around the back yard, planted some Mammoth Sunflower Seeds, and didn't do a Hell of a lot else. I guess I could call it "resting up" for the busy week ahead.

The Week Ahead____

The final week of regular season games(most make-ups) is this week, as well as the District Tournaments around the state.

Tonight I'm at Antwerp for a double header of the JV variety. Don't do many weekday double headers, but this one is designed to give the younger players some final innings before summer ball begins. Antwerp is about 50 miles north, tomorrow I go 5 miles north of there for a final GMC match up with host Hicksville and Fairview, one of the powers out of the Green Meadows...I think a Fairview win clinches outright first place(although they may have already clinched it)....promises to be a intense game. Sam and I will be doing this one together...last season there were some "issues" in a late game at Fairview High School as they readied for the District Tournament. Hopefully this one will go smoother, but sometimes egos and views about interpretations vary, so you never know. Fairview is poised to make another run in the D3 Tournament, but they won't have to meet Coldwater(who knocked them out last year) this season until the Regional, if both teams survive.

My(and Sam's) final regular season game is south at Houston(pronounced How-ston) against Shelby County foe Fort Loramie. That will be Wednesday at 4:30.

The District 3 Elida Tournament begins Thursday with the semi finals beginning at Friday, then the Championship game is Saturday at 2 O'clock. As soon as that one is over, Nick, Clint, and I jump in the car and head north to Mesick, Michigan, to hook up with Rick and the boys for our annual Mesick Mushroom this point the weather is looking pretty good. They are calling for highs in the 60s with not a lot of rain...time of course will tell. We will finish up sometime Monday and head home.

My high school season will end Thursday the 28th with a Regional Semi Final at Patrick Henry..then the summer ACME and American Legion season beckons the first of rest for the weary.

The Weather____

It appears that things will stay dry until late in the weekend here in West Ohio....and warm up a bit(80s for midweek). The truth be known, it could stay dry for a month and a half, and we would still be wet for the year....we can only hope it dries out for awhile.

I'm off to drop Anissa off at her day time habitat....back later

Today's Photos--Top Left-Our Own Kenyan Born Illegal Prez smirking like the arrogant ass he is, while getting "honored" by Notre Damn lackies. (2) Rick, Clint, and me, from last years Mesick Morel Mushroom Hunt (3) This years Mesick "logo"(4), (5), (6)...there will be at least 2 of the 3 consumed in large quanities, this coming weekend in Mesick. Good Cigars, Morel Mushrooms, and Beer, I'm betting on the first and last.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I did not watch that smug asshat, I more pressing things to do like wash and wax my truck, mow my lawn, wash my wifes car, drink copious amounts of beer and watch the Rockets loose. What do you do with those mushrooms, hmmmmm.

Deborah Wilson said...


Doing a lot of catching up here tonight. Your blog change looks good.

First of all, I hope that Patricia had a nice Mother's Day. My Mom (and I) did, although this past few weeks have not been good for Mom - she's been under the weather and she's had a lot of tests run. So needless to say, I've had no time at all for blogging - but that doesn't mean that I don't know what's going on!

I've been thinking about my blog style too - although I won't change it yet -

But you don't need to think that your blog has been boring - it isn't -

According to statistics, only about 3% of people who read your blog (or forums, or reg web pages) actually respond - the rest just lurk (read). And you can no longer count on Google to get an accurate blog hit count - and the profile hit counter stopped working many weeks ago...

I've been meditating on an article that I read a day or so ago - check it out, if you haven't already:

It is Getting Very Serious NowI wonder if Kissinger did say that? And since Sam Nunn is via Georgia, that really puts the icing on the cake (for me), if this turns out to be true.
(More on this in a day or two)

PRH....... said...

Gramps...we deep fry em' Good Eatin'

Deb, thanks for stopping back by...guess I was boring myself. When warm weather hits, my train of thought goes south. I like the warm weather, but the cold and wet season is best for digging out the blog topics. I will hang in there.

FHB said...

Mmmmm, those are good smokes. I need to order some more of those.