Friday, May 22, 2009

Mushrooms/Baseball/Memorial Day

UPDATE! May 23, 2009...

Well Google fixed itself for now, so I dropped a few pictures in to go with the blog, before I head out to Elida and District Final between Coldwater and Marion Local...I'll be umpiring at 3rd base today, and immediatly after Clint, Nick, and I will be heading north to Mesick, Michigan, for the annual Mushoom, Miller, Cigar, and Bull Sheet Session up north...hopefully photos and stories when I return....probably back on Tuesday sometime.

Google and it's evil little sister Blogger have been acting up this better get this out quick: And because Blogger is in the crapper again, I can't add photos except from my I won't...maybe later.

Got the double header District in yesterday, with 2 Mercer County teams, Coldwater and Marion Local, both out of the powerful MAC, winning with realitive ease. The Flyers took out WBL foe Ottawa-Glandorf by a 10-5 count, the Coldwater run ruled Evergreen 12-1 in game #2 in a 4 1/2 inning affair....I did the second game behind the plate, and managed to take a foul off my left hand at the knuckles...and I've gotta tell you "IT HURTS LIKE HELL"...although it doesn't appear to be broken. Tomorrow if the rain stays away, we wrap up the Elida District with the 2 teams 10 miles apart doing battle...Coldwater won the league game earlier this season.

As soon as the game is finished(about 4 or so), Nick, Clint, and I head towards Mesick, Michigan for our annual Morel Mushroom Hunt...we will hook up with Rick and Sons, and hunt mushrooms, drink some beer, smoke cigars, and BS until we head back Monday, which is Memorial Day....the traffic should be a little worse than previous years, especially now that the gas prices are "reasonable"(albeit still 75 cents higher than in January).

Memorial Day 2009_____

Whether partying, picnicking, praying, or just hanging out...I ask you to say a word of thanks to the Men and Women who have served this once great country(and hopefully post Obama and Pelosi will be again), and especially those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Have a great weekend...I'll be back with a wrap up come Tuesday morning.

later >>>>
Photos-(1)Celebrate Memorial Day by remembering those that served and paid the ultimate special salute to my cousin Jackie Ray Poling of Scott, Ohio, and to David Kim Deeter, of Montezuma, Ohio...both men made the ultimate sacrifice in 1968 in the conflict called Vietnam.
(2) Marlow Beech(L) and dad, Stan Houseworth, on leave at home in Scott, Ohio, 1943.
(3) The Morel Mushroom(yellows). Hopefully we will find our share of these this weekend.


The Hermit said...

I hope you and your family have a good Memorial Day weekend. It's one of the best holidays of the year.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Enjoy the weekend. Happy Memorial Day and thanks for your service!!!

Lin said...

Oh my, is it morel season already?!? Then again, I didn't realize it was Memorial Day Weekend until yesterday! Hope you have a great one.

BTW, the name Me-sick and mushroom hunting seem like a dubious combo. At least morels are pretty distinct. Yum - hope you find tons of them!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Watch out for that third base quagmire. The call today was a little sketchy in the Reds game.

I always was told that a sports official's job was to call the game and not change the outcome. This guy missed it badly. I think he lived the official's nightmare.

I don't usually argue with officials because I don't want to do their job. There ain't enough money to make me do that job.

Brigid said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. For what you did, for coming home intact in both body and honor.