Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adrift Without a Paddle-The GOP

Rained all day yesterday, temps hovered around the 60 degree mark...after the morning fog burns off today, they are promising a good round of thunderstorms and say some could be severe....I guess time will tell. Meanwhile another round of baseball washed out yesterday, although not being a league night(except make up games) most of these will not need to be made up. At Minster for a MAC contest tonight with Delphos St. Johns, Columbus Grove at Spencerville tomorrow...and Sam and I head north to Bascom, Ohio, for the opening round of Division 4 Sectionals on Saturday....of course these are all at the mercy or misery of the weather over the next few days.

The routine over the last few weeks is to not watch TV until at least 5 pm, of course days we don't have rain, I stay away from the idiot box until at least 9pm....that way the news of this miserable state of America is pushed aside...I listen to Glenn Beck in the morning between whatever else I am doing, when I get a chance. During rain outs I catch his show at 5 pm on Fox News, last night's with the ACORN Moron(who he finally ran out of his studio) was a classic:

One thing(of many) that Beck is spot on about is the death of the Republican Party, or at least the divide between Conservative Republicans, and the liberal and moderates in Washington. One thing for sure, the GOP will not survive without the Conservatives, or Christians...the GOP can survive without the pro choice and big spenders, after all, those folks are no better than Democrats(see Arlen Specter). Take a look at the buffoons the GOP has thrown at us as national leaders since Ronald Reagan left the scene. George HW Bush, Robert Dole, George W Bush, and last and probably least John McCain. Democrats in GOP clothing all. Sure "W" ran as a Conservative, but spent like a left wing loon. The only reason he won 2 elections was the morons that the Democrats put up against him. Al Freaking Gore and John "Hanoi" Kerry? Hell I could have beaten them with a few bucks in my pockets.

Thanks to Republican incompetence, we now have Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama running the country, as in running the USA into the ground. The guy born in Kenya to a white Kansas teenager and a African Muslim tribesman. The guy that won't show his US Birth Certificate(because he doesn't have one), is an avowed Marxist, and bows to Saudi and Islamic Royalty. Throw in speaking treason about America while on foreign soil... you have our new President, who while not a legal one, has managed to do more damage to the Republic in less that 4 months, than any person has done to US in the history of the country...Thanks Republicans, for putting out such a group of losers to run for the White House, thanks GOP for giving US Barack Obama, and the ObamaNation.

So where does the Republican Party go from here? They can go straight to Hell for all I care....unless they get back to their Conservative roots, the party is doomed, much like it was during the 1960s...nothing more than a party of "me to" or is it "me too"? The left leaning members, those that support unlimited abortion, those that think it's fine and dandy for every pervert that comes down the pike to be married like normal folks. Those Republicans that think like Democrats, need to become Democrats....they run the country, why not join them? Soon enough they(the Dems) will run the country into the ground, and who you gonna call? The GOP, aka Democrat Lite? Why would we want to vote for that group of fools?

I've switched to the Constitution Party:

Not that they have a chance of winning..but because at least they believe in something....that something being not just winning elections and keeping seats in Congress.

You can tell by your enemies how well you are doing....Sarah Palin, VP Candidate with Juan McCain, sure has them pissed off/worried in the media...when assclowns like Keith Olblowaman, the radical lame brained homosexual from MSNBC(former failed Sports hack from ESPN), Jon Stewart, the non comedic comedian from the Comedy Channel, girl friend beater and Islamic terrorist pal Bill Maher, and the Huffington Post(founded by the daughter of a WW2 Nazi sympathiser), hate you, you know you are doing something right. Palin, with her family, and especially her daughter Bristol, savaged by the left, is the lone shinning star of the Conservative base of the GOP... Hey Sarah, it's time for you to either join us in a 3rd party, or for the retreads like Romney, McCain, Mike Huckelberry, Tom Ridge, and the rest to get the Hell out of the way and the Reagan Conservatives take over.
The GOP is at death's door...and frankly I could care less which way it goes. The Democrats and far left are killing the country...who is going to be there to pick up the pieces? Or does the succession movement go full bore from here on out?
Boycott Chrysler and GM_____

Let em' die!

With 4 drivers in the family, my wife, me, and 2 twenty something sons, we have a total of 6 cars. 3 GM Products(2 Pontiac's and a classic Buick) and 3 Chrysler cars, including my 1998 Jeep Wrangler. All paid off long ago, and all well over 100,000 miles(except the classic 1977 Buick Landau with only 68.000 on it)...I hope to never buy another car in my driving lifetime(I know, never say never)...Patricia won't be so I told her this morning though...."Don't buy another GM or Chrysler product". I know it's her choice, but please I tell her, buy a Ford, Honda(made in the area) or Toyota(best pick-up I've ever had) not support Chrysler or GM. They are now totally controlled(and majority owned) by the UAW and Feds...2 more corrupt entities you will never find. And besides, when was the last time a marriage of Union and Government ever produced anything worth buying? NEVER IS MY ANSWER!

Let the UAW and the Federal Government choke on their cars....


Glad I got all that off my chest, I know a rambling mishmash of opinions which when I read it back won't even make sense to me....but at least I purged them.

back later>>>>
Photos-The GOP is a Sinking Ship, can it be saved? Does anybody care?/Sarah Palin and John McCain...the new and old of the GOP...McCain the ultimate RINO(Republican In Name Only)...can Palin win over the base of the GOP? Or will a retread like Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee take it left? A 1977 Buick and 1998 Jeep...these will be my last Cars from GM and Chrysler....let the UAW and the Government choke on them.


Anonymous said...

The Republican party is history. They're trying to stay alive by sucking up to homosexuals, hispanics, blacks, and they're throwing over the party base. To hell with them.

PRH....... said...

My thoughts exactly Hermit...the next Revolution is not far off. Both major parties are out to tax and spend us to death, and limit our freedoms. I wonder how much more the 35% of us that know the score are going to take?

The Lonely Conservative said...

They certainly don't need to be more liberal - John McCain was the biggest lib they could find. Look where that got him. They couldn't have found a worse candidate if they looked in an alley and pulled someone out of a dumpster. As for Palin, Dennis Miller said he likes her because if all the numbskulls hate her she must be doing something right.

I haven't changed parties...yet. But I keep thinking about it.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree. I am fed up with the Repubs because they don't represent me or a lot of Americans. There have been few third parties in history that amounted to much, but the Populists made some major headway. Good Post.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Just 4 years ago, most folks thought the Dems was history--these things go in cycles, history has proven that. Mike Huckabee said recently that the GOP has to stick to its principles and can never abandon Christian conservatives. I agree. What the GOP needs to work on are the moderates who are leaning Left, that and going after the Hispanic vote. There's still plenty of time to make sure Barry doesn't get a 2nd term, esp. with the economy still in the tank.

Donald Douglas said...

Nice posting, Pat! And thanks for commenting over at my blog!