Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rained Out!

The small berg of Mendon, Ohio, received about 5 inches of rain late yesterday afternoon between 4 and 5:30. Celina got very little at that time, but did receive a good soaking overnight.

Mendon is located about 8 miles north and east of Celina in the northeast corner of Mercer County....things started off with a tornado warning, then a large red blob appeared on the radar, and did not move....Mendon sets on the banks of the St. Marys River and reports had roads closed near and along the river, including sections of 2 State Highways. As I watched the radar, the other storms in the Ohio-Indiana area moved along at a steady clip, but the Mendon storm which also included the Spencerville area, stayed put and became a hail and wind storm of significant proportions.

More Rain Storms______

I woke up this morning and a lite rain was falling, and it was obvious that we had a pretty good soaking overnight(although nothing like Mendon)...the radar looked like the Hamler-Deshler area about 75 miles north had received a good share as well. Patrick Henry, where the Baseball District I am working is located between the 2 small towns, and I was prepared to leave at 11am for our 2pm game.....looking at the weather I figured it was less than 50-50 of getting the game in today, so I called ahead and talked with the Tournament Director and he confirmed he was getting ready to make the call...the games would be pushed back a day. Not a bad move, Friday and Saturday both look sunny and in the 70s, perfect baseball weather.

So tomorrow I'll head north, do the first Regional Semi Final between Hopewell-Loudon, and Toledo Christian...then meet up with Tom who now lives about 3 miles from the ballpark, where he trains and cares for the trotters and pacers for his new outfit. Will have a few drinks and supper there, stay overnight at his place before heading home on Saturday. Told Patricia this would put a crimp in my night fishing with Nick on Friday, but plenty of time to get that activity taken care of before summer ends.

Getting ready to paint______
Patricia and I headed to Lima yesterday looking at Lowe's for paint and other items needed for the House Projects...really didn't buy anything(the paint chips from the house were not large enough to test ??) back we came and checked in at Menard's. The paint was more reasonable, and Patricia got some seeds she was looking for.

I've got enough paint to start the backside of the house...then will wait for the Amish Crew to do the main roof, before moving onto the sides and upper portions of the house. Hopefully this painting will last another 5 years(the paint is supposed to be good for 15, but with 86 year old wood, and direct sun to some locations of the house, that usually doesn't happen). Either way, it looks to be my last time painting 60 the thought and chore of moving and climbing a large wooden ladder, isn't my cup of tea. But anyway, if the weather cooperates, I will begin the painting process, probably on Monday.

back later>>>>

Photos-(top/left)Norman Rockwell's classic umpires in the rain, from the 1950s. The Paint and Roof Project....although with the cloudy skies it's hard to tell...the porch roof was redone 2 years ago, and now we will have to abandon the 80+ year old slate roof for new stuff...not because the slate is bad, but the wood under is starting to rot from wind, rain, snow, and weather in general, rather that patch it, we figure one more expense might as well be made on the roof, hopefully the final roof work in our lifetime. The ladders ready for me to get the spirit to start the paint work on the back side of the house first....will work my way around counter clockwise...not looking forward to tearing out the Ivy on the top portion of the porch...hundreds of sparrows call this home, and it has become a mess...time for them to look elsewhere.


Deborah Wilson said...


I hope that you had a good Memorial Day - here it rained as usual, so with Envy over and being sick, we didn't get to the square - I stayed home and made Bar-Be-Que.

Tonight and tomorrow, I'll work on a Memorial day post - finally I've got the time to get back blogging.

Blogger/Google - I don't know what's up - I heard about an outage a week or so ago with YouTube and for the past few months blogger has been acting funny. I read that the profile counter will no longer work - indeed it stopped working a long time ago on my blog - but the link is still there.

To be honest I'm getting leary of a few things around the net - meaning I'm not sure which servers and/or companies are going to go as politics and world events get heated up and/or change. Technology will change within a few years.

My idea is if blogger goes down, I'm buying web space/domain and I'll do my own web page - column style - with other conservatives invited to write their own stuff.

Blogs are either going to seize the world or they will go down - it can happen either way.

One thing is for certain - politicians and globalists/elites are acting paranoid of bloggers. Maybe they should be, we are not bought and paid for.


Many blogger have moved to WordPress but to be honest, I don't see the need right now - same thing, just a little more fancy than blogger.

Good luck on painting the house!

Be sure to post plenty of pics so we can analyze your progress. lol

Make sure you're not slackin'.....

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the reminder that summer is coming and I need to get to work. Houses are really just punishment for all the wrong things we've done in our lives. Good luck with your work.

Larry said...

Sounds like you qualify for a temporary name change to "HouseworK", Pat. [The ancestors will forgive, I think.] I don't envy you this job!