Friday, June 26, 2009

It always happens in 3s...

Beat the heat and the rains last night at Lima...getting in the Lima Legion vs the Ohio State Lima Barons summer game....the temps were at around 97 with humidity to match when I arrived at the OSU field. There were thunderstorms north and east of town, but we stayed dry{well weather wise anyway} until the 2 hour contest finished up about 8pm...having the plate, with 20 pounds of gear, I sweated off more than my share of pounds.

After getting home around 9, the storms continued to pop up, Celina got missed by most, but we did get an overnight storm, and after a week of hot and dry weather, the rain was welcome...however it did little to alleviate the heat or humid conditions....back at 89 with plenty of sun today.

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and "The Glove"______

The old adage is "it always happens in 3s". Well in the case of Pop Icons, that is exactly what has happened this week. Now, don't get me wrong, the pop culture builds up average semi talented folks then loves to rip them down....I can't remember having any Pop worship, except maybe back in the 1950s and early 60s, when Baseball Great Mickey Mantle was my "hero" about flawed human being...old Mick was that it turned out, but he was still the stuff heroes of the 1950s were made of.

Not so the 3 who died this week...let's take a quick look at them.

Ed McMahon was Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" sidekick, and "Star Search" host. Ed seemed like a likable enough guy, who did his job well. He played foil for Carson, and was the erstwhile host of several pre "American Idol" talent shows, including Star Search, which brought us, among other, Brittney Spears....and aren't we lucky for that? I don't think so. Ed lived a long life, dying at 86, but ended up on the verge of losing his house thanks to the Freddie, Fannie, and Barney Frank fiasco, before being "bailed out" by Donald Trump. A Hollywood Icon? Probably not.

Farrah Fawcett was made famous by a poster and a one season stint as one of the "Charlie's Angles" on ABC back in the mid 1970s. That and some battles with boy friend, abuser, and drug addict Ryan O'Neil...Farrah died yesterday after a long battle with cancer, at the age of 62. A Hollywood Icon...Hummm...No!

And then there is Michael Jackson...What can you say about the so-called "King of Pop"? Jackson came from a dysfunctional family out of the American Shithole called Gary, Indiana. Little Mike, and his brothers formed "The Jackson 5" back in the late 60s and 1970s. Michael went solo following that and had some great albums including "Bad" and "Thriller"....however for the past quarter century, he became a freak show. A black kid who wanted to be a white women it seemed, a media made him a freak without money or talent. I hope he finds peace in death, he could not have had any in the last half of his 50 years. A Hollywood Icon? Yep, but the folks that made him one, need to look in the mirror, because they are every bit as sick as the tortured soul known as Michael Jackson.

Three pop culture made people gone in the span of a couple of days...may they rest in peace. Were they important in my life? Hardly...didn't watch the Tonight Show, always thought Farrah was not the real babe of Charlie's Angles....she might have ranked 3rd of the 5 or 6 women who played the roles over the shows 5 season run...and Jackson, I didn't like the Jackson 5 music, but did think Thriller and Bad were pretty good....then came that putrid duo with Paul McCarthy..."Ebony and Ivory"...probably the worst recorded song in history, and after than Jackson and his music, went south.

Speaking of 3 I'd like to see gone_____

Well let's just say they probably all reside in Washington DC.....and rather than see them dead, I'd just like to see them gone...before they destroy the for who are the 3? Pick any you care to, whoever you choose, the country would be better off.

Enjoy the weekend.....
ALERT! Cap and Trade is up for a vote today in the House....Call Your Congressman and say NO to out of control utility regulations>>>>>

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Larry said...

Pat, I just faxed my U.S. House Rep to "Vote NO" a couple hours ago. As to Farrah, yes, tragic. I won MY poster [yes, THAT one] at a carnival in Canton, OH! Jaclyn Smith will always be my fav -- in case anybody besides me cares. Jacko, although about as eccentric/weird as they come, was a superior dancer. That "Thriller" video is still fun to watch. That's about it. No opinion about Ed. Stay cool!

Shrinky said...

I didn't know Ed. Farrah - I cringe to admit I wanted her hair and teeth! As for Michael, fan or not, I grew up to his music over the radio and he was from my generation, yeah, he was pretty loopy, but I am sad he is gone.

Deborah Wilson said...

A sad week -

Ed - I always loved to watch the Tonight show. Johnny Carson and Ed went together like bacon and eggs. I'll always remember Ed's laugh - it always makes me smile.

Farrah -

Most people remember her as a barbie doll on Charlie's Angel's and her swim suit poster. I think she was best in the movies as she took on serious roles. She portrayed abused wife Francine Hughes to the hilt in "The Burning Bed". She was never taken seriously enough to always get good roles like this, although her performance in this movie should have put her over the top. But alas, Hollywood and media didn't care about her talent - they wanted to retain a sex symbol.

Michael - I didn't care for the Jackson 5 all that much either - but regardless of Michael's personal life, with "Thriller" he forever changed pop music (and MTV).

I never could moonwalk - and as I was just telling Steph - I don't think anybody will ever be able to moonwalk quite like Michael did.

In the early 80's he was over the top - it's sad that his life turned for the worst.

It looks like Ed and Farrah's days ended peacefully - but of course neither of them was wild and strange, or surrounded by controversy or legal problems.

Celebs like Michael, even Anna Nicole Smith, controversy will forever be there.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Timing....MJ died just before the house vote to pass the largest tax increase in American history. Fox News went AWOL on news and did a 24 hour Michaelathon. Pathetic.

Anyhoo...may they all rest in peace.

PRH....... said...

Noticed the same thing Deb...Congress is putting the nail in the Republic's Coffin, and Fox News, goes after ratings by the 24 hour pity marathon for Jacko. They are no better than the rest. Even Hannity on his radio show, said the coverage on Fox made him sick.

PRH....... said...

And now Billy Mays croakes....what we do for infomercials now?

Wende said...

Ebony and Ivory was sung by Paul McCartnet and Stevie Wonder. Say Say Say wqas Paul and Michael (so was The girl is mine) I wasn't a fan of MJ but I am a Paul McCartney Fan (wings and Beatles included) and a fan of music. The Say Say Say Video also has appearances by Linda McCartney and Latoya Jackson

PRH....... said...

Right you are Wende, must be getting senile in my old age. Ebony and Ivory wasn't all that bad, but the Paul and Jacko The Girl is Mine, was pretty bad. Not one of my Beatle or PM favorites....

BRUNO said...

Hope I'm still around when Jane Fondas' number "comes-up"!

But if not, that'll be OK.

I've already got her reserved spot on my "Welcome To Hell" Roladex-file. It's marked as "FUBAR---RETURN TO MAKER"---and I've been told that I'll be in charge of the "Accounts Receivable" department, to the left of the first big, red door...!!!

FHB said...

Yea, it's all sad. Can't believe the way MJ is being treated like a god. It's Elvis all over again. What a zoo.