Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June...Meet October!

I woke up this morning at around 6:45, looked out the upstairs bedroom window, to see the grey leaden skies. This June 3rd had the look and feel of late October. Rain, Drizzle, and temperatures around 50 I've said before(many times) Global Warming My Ass!! After Patricia left for an in-service, I took Anissa and dropped her off at her Adult Center, and decided to drive around the lake on this June morning that felt more like middle fall. There were a few guys fishing on the southside near Windy Point, and the construction crews pushing the jetties out farther into Grand Lake...Not much else going on around the shores of our 13,000 acre swamp. I drove back pulled onto West Bank Road and snapped a few photos....then traveled into town and stopped at the North End Marathon station, where I discovered Unleaded Regular fuel had jumped another dime, to $2.75.9 a gallon. I remember just a few weeks ago where the so called "experts" predicted that it would "average" somewhere between $2.25 and $2.50 per gallon...nice guess folks. The oil speculators and oil sheiks have thrown all of us a curve. Another blow to the so called recovering Obama Economy.

Speaking of Obama____

I see our Kenyan born illegal President will be talking to his Muslim brethren this doubt telling them that we Americans are still wrong and he is real sorry that we forced them to fly planes into the Twin Towers....but it is only the hate filled white Christians that are guilty...Obama the Islamic and his Marxist allies have their the same time the son of a bitch, has a knife in the back of Israel and real Americans.

Things are happening so fast under this Marxist bastard's reign, that most Americans, too busy with their own lives, probably don't have a clue that we are being sold down the river at warp speed. When they find out, it's going to be to late. The late great American Republic is but a shell of what our forefathers built. It's been happening since FDR, the Halfrican, now in the White House, is just putting the final nails in the coffin.

Today's List_____

I am guessing Sam and my game at Crestview will be a wash out tonight. Last night we worked together at Rockford Parkway....Here I am doing the plate, 12 days after taking an 85 mile an hour fast ball off the middle knuckles of the left hand...I take another hard wild pitch(after bouncing off the plate) in the very same spot. OUCH! The original pain and swelling was just about gone, and BOOM, back it was. In all these years I had been hit in the hand a few times, but never the same spot with such force so close together...Damn unlucky for me....I may have to figure out a new place to put my left hand to protect it....or put a cast on it.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, look to be better, weather wise, but predictions have been wrong stay tuned.

That will do it for now....

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Photo-The fall like look over the west end of Grand Lake this morning....and Obama's faithful relatives salute their own Muhammad the Messiah.


The Lonely Conservative said...

It's cold here, too. My spring sweaters just aren't cutting it. Maybe if I apologize to a few enemies I'll warm up.

PRH....... said...

June in Syracuse never was all tht warm LC...I remember the winter/spring/summer of 1970-71at Griffiss AFB in Rome,NY...the snow on the flight line didn't melt until early July. Granted it was 30 feet high where the snow plows had cleaned off the runway, but still?

And on June 5, 1971(38 years ago tomorroow) I remember guarding a large C5A Aircraft that had landed at the Griff and snow flakes as large a quarters were falling.

You guys get some cold spring weather....

Anonymous said...

Gas is going to get a lot higher. Speculators can drive the market up and that's exactly what they are doing. My boss shrieks with glee every time oil goes up a buck. Good for the company, terrible for the country, and there's no doubt what his priorities are.

Trish said...

It's wet and cold here in PA as well! Where'd our spring get to?
I suppose it's that nasty Global warming causing it somehow. Brrrr, I could use some local warming about now!