Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Tea Party Victory as another RINO bites the dust!

Hopefully this will be the last of the hot and humid days for at least awhile.  September usually is the beginning of the end of Summer, although the official end comes about three weeks in.  My walk around town and Lake Shore Drive was greeted by blue skies and a nice southwest breeze that belied the increasing humidity.  It was pleasant and Grand Lake was not omitting a foul smell....the lake is cleaning itself up, albeit too late to save the summer season.   One big weekend, Labor Day, will not undo the damage from the local polluters and the incompetents at the State of Ohio.  But it was nice to walk and not have to stifle a gag....

The Rinos' are running like scared rats____or is it dropping like flies?

The main stream media is in a panic, the Democrats are hopeful of division, and the party hacks in the GOP have to be worried.  Why, you ask?

Well the Lame Stream Media despises anything Palin or Tea Party....The Dems, despite their sorry poll numbers are hopeful that the Republicans are splitting...and the GOP party hacks are scared that the end is near for the tax and spend, fall in love with Washington DC, GOP loyalists.

The latest to fall is Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski:

Meanwhile the Obummer claims victory in Iraq...does anybody believe this fool anymore?

Murkowski, from a long line of Washington insiders, who leave home and fall in love with the DC lifestyles of the rich and infamous is beaten by a rogue Tea Party favorite, Joe Miller.   It just keeps getting better, whether it's Democrats or RINOs, they all need to be kicked out or dragged out kicking and screaming.

Labor Day is the unofficial beginning of the election longer a supporter of the mainline Republicans(see John McCain, Charlie Crist, the Bush family, etc), I am looking forward to this November...hopefully we can toss out a large chunk of the Obama crowd, and many of these RINOs (Republicans in name only) with them.   It will be fun and pure entertainment to watch the media gnash their teeth.

And on another front, sure to make the RINOs and Lame Stream Media scramble....Glenn Beck, already a thorn in both, has lanched another project....a news site called "The Blaze"

Way to go Glenn, keep the powder dry and the eye on the enemies of freedom...Liberals and the media.

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Photos-Grand Lake, despite still polluted, is looking, and smelling better....


Cookie..... said...

Loved this post mate, and I too am looking forward to the November elections with bated breath, great anticipation and hope, BUT, like I've stated to you in one of your past articles, there seems to be a "smugness" or arrogance about the Dem's and "RHINO's" that has me concerned. It's almost like they know that something is going to happen that's gonna save their sorry ass's at the last moment. I truly hope this feeling or "sense" is nothing more than some paranoia on my part. I'd be very interested to know if any of your other readers have this feeling as well??

PRH....... said...

Yep Cookie, I never count my Chickens...lot's can happen, good and bad, between now and November 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will find Obammers birth certificate

PRH....... said...

I'm sure it is somewhere Anon...probably in Kenya! :}